It is ridiculously hot right now...

  1. I cannot believe how warm it is right now. The temperatures have been 15+ degrees warmer than average for this time of year where I live. Right now I have my windows open, my fan on and I am wearing a tank top and summer-weight pj bottoms. :sad:

    Sorry, there's no real point to this, I'm just so hot and irritable that I can't sleep. I wish it would start feeling like fall sometime soon. I really don't want to wear bermuda shorts AGAIN tomorrow! :hysteric:
  2. I would love to switch places with you... it's starting to get colder here... :sad:
  3. was in the 70's here in NORTHERN PA!!!! Usually it's much colder here by now....this is pretty crazy. But I love the gorgeous weather. We are taking advantage of it as much as we can.
  4. Ahhh, I'm jealous! I'm sat here in fleecy pj bottoms, tank top, HUGE fleecy dressing gown & big fleecy slipper boots & I'm still frozen!
  5. I wish it would feel like a normal fall here in Massachusetts too! I love my seasons and am so mad that it was 80 yesterday! I think we are gearing up for a cool down though so that is good. Hopefully we will have a chilly Halloween, the way it is supposed to be!
  6. It's actually starting to get chilly here...finally! It's like in the high 50s here...I'm digging it!
  7. I feel your pain. It is insanely hot here too... I was sweating walking from the garage at work to the building itself. I hate it!!!
  8. we're supposed to hit 80 today... in san francisco!
  9. I won't winge if you send some of the heat this way - I can't stand the cold! :flowers:
  10. Over the weekend we had really high temps though it's cold again!! YUCK!!
  11. I am in Los Angeles. I went to get frozen yogurt for lunch today and my car said it was 97 out. It REALLY needs to cool down to help out with all the fires. This weather is crazy!!!!!
  12. Oh man, I would LOVE to trade with you. It's been 80-90 almost everyday the past couple weeks. I am so sick of my summer clothes!

    The problem is that my bedroom gets direct sunlight all day, so the heat gets trapped in. It was over 80 degrees last night in my bedroom, with the windows open and the fan on. That is just not normal for October!!!
  13. Loving Texas... can we hope for sub 50 F again this evening??? ? :yahoo:

    (yeah.. I know... it will be 80 in a few days... shutyermouth! :p)
  14. yikes! sounds like my apartment! I actually considered buying a ceiling fan yesterday to help ward off the heat that gets trapped in my apt.

    I wish it would cool down too... for goodness sakes it's almost halloween! I don't want to be wearing summer clothes for H-day.
  15. I wish it was burning over here. Our temperature just fluctuates all the time. I know it's going to get cold real soon, and honestly if it doesn't I'll be freaked out. But yeah, yesterday was 26 degrees celcius, and today it was like I don't know 10? I didn't go outside, but it felt really cold when I opened the door to toss my sandwich out into the wilderness..