It is RAINING Picotins!!!

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  1. After my first attempt to purchase a black box kelly fell through a few months ago as I typed my interest and then the second one I actually purchased was not in the condition stated...

    Following sickness of myself, then my infant son....(he is still battling bronco-pneumonia, we just started nebulizers tonight)
    I decided to make myself feel a little better:biggrin:
    Everything happens for a reason...I am a true believer of this...
    I tried on a picotin in Paris and didn't think it was for me, but then my :heart: changed when I saw this and it started THUMPING pretty hard....

    Here she MS. Tangy!!!:yahoo:
    She is perfect..:girlsigh:
    P.S. it has been raining here for weeks (19 inches..flash floods) and my roof now has a leak..but I have Ms. Tangy!!!

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  2. Holy smokes!! That is an amazing rainbow of colors you have inside Ms. Tangy!! Congratulations!!

    I hope DS is feeling better! All 3 of my kids have been sick these past few weeks, and two of them had to use the nebulizer as well... they kinda learned to like it!!
  3. What a fantastic rainbow Ghost! I hope it brightens your day, and your DS feels better soon!!!
  4. I hope you and your DS are doing better!

    Love your new picotin -- and your gorgeous rainbow H items!!!

  5. Just don't use this beauty to help stop the leak!

    Congrats on your orange beauty and I sincerely hope that your luck changes for the better soon!
  6. Gorgeous!!! Congrats, Ghost55!! Love the new picotin and of course the H rainbow!! Hope your DS gets well soon...
  7. what a nice tangy (the official colour, my dear?) picotin!
    love how u rainbow-nise the bag!!!
  8. Ghost that is a fab rainbow! (and only confirms that my rainbow needs a little work - it's too *neutral*:shrugs:) Congratulations on your latest addition! Speedy recovery to you and DS as well.
  9. You have *fabulous* taste!!!

    What gorgeous colours... congratulations on your new beauty!


    p.s hope the little one feels better soon!
  10. Congrats Ghost! Your rainbow is MAJOR!!!
  11. Beautiful bag. Can't wait to see modeling pictures. Enjoy having fun with her.
  12. How beautiful!

    Health to you (and your family) to enjoy. :smile:
  13. Kelly32~ Thank you for your sentiments about the nebulizer. My son faught it pretty hard for the first 5 minutes, but then knocked out. It is kind of fuuny as it is a Purple dragon covering his nose :nuts:

    Jag, Tokyo Girl, Msfashionista....THANK YOU!!!:yahoo: I am super excited to use her tomorrow. We are having a family outing at the Science Center and spending the night downtown

    HermesLemming~ YOU CRACK MY :hs:Up!! LOL:roflmfao:

    Gem~ Official color is Potrion. A little more muted than the classic Hermes Orange. la Paix~ Thank you..I have been woking on that too..I am still on the haunt. I keep thinking I need more for my rainbow!

    Thank you everyone for letting me share!!!! Wooooo Hooooo! I will take action shots tomorrow:flowers:
  14. Ghost, I truly hope this does brighten your day. You are going through a lot and you deserve it.

    Enjoy your rainbow!
  15. Beautiful bag colour and rainbow!