It is RAINING here today, and my Bbag almost died...

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  1. I was standing on the street with my friend, and started rolling my ankle back and forth on the pavement... I didnt realize that the curb was so high up from the street, and I just FELL OVER onto my BUTT on the sidewalk!!! It was out of nowhere!!!! My friend started laughing at me and I got SO pissed, and i was like why are you laughing???? and hes like, "its just so funny how you're holding your balenciaga up in the air so it doesnt fall in the puddle!!" and kept laughing....

    picture that... falling on your ass and holding your bbag up so it doesnt get wet... i guess my love for her is truly engrained in me!
  2. ^^ lol, i would have done the same thing :P
  3. :roflmfao: sooooo funny
    i'm so glad u & ur b bags don't hurt :yes:
  4. lol i think we'd all take a fall for our bbags
  5. You poor girl. Congrats on the "big save"!
  6. me too!
    I make all kinds of sacrifices to make sure my bags don't get hurt:shame:
  7. No question I'd have done the same thing! My bbag is worth WAY more than my jeans!
  8. You did the right thing. Every mother should sacrifice all for her baby.:P
  9. haha..that is kinda funny, but it is so true about holding the bag up so it doesn't fall into the puddle! we would have all done the same thing. hope you're ok..
  10. Funny but well done! The Bbag lift the new craze!
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: this is hilarious, but it's all so true, I'd do the same thing too! My DH thinks I'm mad, but he's come to accept it...whenever, I need him to help hold my bag for just a couple of minutes, I give him a whole load of instructions of what he cannot do with my bag. :P
  12. bwahaha, same, whenever i'm driving the person next to me has to keep her on their lap and not drink anything near her.... my dad gets SO annoyed when i rattle off my list of rules :roflmfao:

    i'm icing my ankle right now HAHA!
  13. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Luckily you have quick instincts to protect your bag!
  14. awww... hope you're ok, but glad to hear you bbag is ok too!

    lol.. it's funny how you see your instincts come out and how you react in emergency situations like that!
  15. Its alright, its just your butt. Good thing your b bag is ok;)