It is not authentic because....

  1. Some of the other forums have a thread like this, and I thought it would be useful here.

    I feel pretty confident that this bag is not authentic:
    eBay: Authentic Marc Jacobs Multipocket Hobo Purse Handbag (item 220031097121 end time Sep-30-06 15:17:50 PDT)

    I know that some people have been looking for a black mp, but let me tell you why I would not bid on this one. For starters, the photos are not that great. That means nothing, but makes determining authenticity more difficult. Next, the measurements given, an approximation albeit, are :11" x 7". This would make this a small MP and also mean that they counted the side pockets in the measurement. The listing says that there are 4 feet on the bottom of this bag, which would be incorrect for the small multipocket. (If you were looking for a large, the protective feet is one thing you should be looking for, however.) Another detail which is off, to me, are the front pockets. The front pockets should be more square shaped (I believe that the actual measurements are something like 4.5" x 3.5"-someone correct me if I am wrong.)

    The listing also mentions hardware issues, specifically the zipper on the inner pocket being gone. I have not heard of this happening with MJ before, but would think that if it was an authentic bag, they would have had MJ repair this. From everything I have heard, MJ is fairly good about standing behind their merchandise, and getting repairs taken care of.
  2. Can people start putting more than 3 pictures on their ad?

    Besides those pockets are way too long!
  3. :lol:
    It seems that light would be a useful element to add to the pictures in some of these listings, as well!
  4. Maybe the seller took bad pictures on purpose????
  5. I don't think it's the bad pictures that concerns me. I agree with elongreach and tln. When I saw this listing, I've made up my mind to just stay away. It's an obvious fake.
  6. Wow, that is a disaster. It's really sad that some people are just really clueless about designer handbags. But I think this is the most ridiculous of all. Nobody bids yet and I have reported this listing but it seems ebay doesn't do anything about it.

    eBay: Authentic New Marc Jacobs Small Multi Pocket Bag Purse (item 220030231240 end time Sep-25-06 16:41:38 PDT)