It is just not fair!!!

  1. I hate people who can eat ANYTHING and LOTS of it and never excersize and never gain a pound and still be skinny. I am not fat I could lose 15lbs. I have been everything from a tight size 16 to a size 4. But I usually average somewhere in the middle. I eat one cookie and I gain 2 pounds. IT IS JUST NOT FAIR!!!!! I was just over at my friends and she ate a HUGE breakfast and is a size 2 while I eat plain egg whites and fruit. Sorry for my rant. I am just hungry.
  2. I totally agree!! I have the HARDEST time with my weight. :sad: At least I'm not the only one who hate those people.
  3. Lol same here :p whatever I eat will stick to me..
    So I have to watch out ALL the time :/ BOOORING!! cause I LOVE food :drool: lol
  4. I sympathize! Some of us just aren't lucky like that. :sad:
  5. I gain and lose very easily, so I feel your pain! I have to find a balance.
  6. used to be like that - and I am not saying I don't have to watch my food intake cause I do but I am not going hungry either - and I am now a size 6 to 8 (jeans size 28). at some point it just clicked: the less I stressed about my size the more I lost - I think the more you are stuck with it the less fun you have. I just enjoy now what I eat, and yes sometimes I eat a piece of cake or a huge choc bar but I don't think about it. sure, if you always eat chocolate it will have an effect but I just enjoy what I eat now.

    seriously, try it, you will have more fun with food. simply eat everything in moderation but don't feel guilty afterwards. My mother is terrible, she is measuring the 100 gram steps at the moment. this used to screw me up big time but she can do that by herself now. her problem is that when she will eat she just goes WTH and will eat anything - now this is GREAT for your metabolism....

    ok, sorry for long post, I just feel like I would like to free the world of their food obsessions, only to find that everyone can be the size they want to be (up to a point, size 0 needs serious starving dedication).
  7. it does suck, but we all have our crosses to bear i suppose. some things you are blessed with, others are WISHING for too! so it evens out in the end i guess...:p

    ive always had to watch what i ate in order to maintain a decent figure. but after thinking about it for a while, i figured that it builds character-every struggle does- and when i DO eat whatever i want, i ENJOY it so much more! your friend who can eat whatever she wants, i bet she doesnt even think twice about a 'special' meal and doesnt savor it like you do! she doesnt have the character built from working hard to reach and maintain a healthy and hot figure! so, in the big scheme of things, i'd say YOU are better off deary:love:

  8. AHhh I totally feel you...

    Being Asian, I am NOT 95 lbs!!! Try over 150!!!!!!!!!:cursing::push:

    I don't believe that I eat a whole lot, I eat slow & just enough but lack exercise plus I blame it on total slow metabolism.

    I seriously love all kinds of foods---its so bad!!

    I will never give up good food..I just need to get a work out plan & major motivation. :sad:

    The sucky part is that the other Asians who I am around with that are 95lbs always make me feel bad for telling me to WORK OUT AND EAT LESS. I hate it and its very offensive & uncomfortable for me b/c I don't eat that much!! Most of the time they eat wayyy more than me & don't even gain an ounce! :cursing:

    My mom & SO remind me that it's okay that I am "bigger" b/c I am healthy,dont get sick often, and was born here so I have had all of the proper nutrients! I'm 5'5.5 and thats a tall height considering I am Asian! ;)

    Sorry if I sound angry. I am. It's a really sensitive issue for me.

    My genetics aren't skinny.

    I have ass..and boobs. :rolleyes:
  9. People like this make me sick!!!!!!! My WHOLE life I have had to watch everything I put in my mouth, I can't even look at fattening foods without gaining weight!!! I would love to be able to eat whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted, but I can't. It does make me feel a whole lot healthier than my friends that stuff themselves with garbage, though.
  10. Those people are so annoying! I mean, it's good for them, but it's so annoying hanging out with them and seeing them eat whatever while I have to have a slice of bread or a glass of water - and I love food and candy! The worst thing are the ones that actually complain about it and say it's as bad as being too overweight - no it's not! Thin is pretty, being overweight is not!
    And of course, there are always those who will go "oooh, I'm so fat" in front of heavier people (such as myself) just to be mean. grrrr:mad:
  11. No its not! I'm trying to loose pregnancy pounds and for me its a slow process (had baby almost 9 months ago). I've had weight issues all my life. The smallest I've been is a size 4/6 and max (not counting my size during pregnancy) is size 16/18. I don't have time to exercise and I can't figure out how mothers of small children make time to exercise, don't they sleep? Anyway, I always have to watch what I eat. When I eat mindlessly w/o hunger I gain weight. If I eat mindfully only when hungry then I loose/maintain weight. I'll never be naturally slim and that annoys me to death. Why do I have to try so hard, its just not fair!
  12. I'm crazily jealous of those people too. I love to snack and I just don't really watch what I eat. Plus, I hate going to a gym. LOL.
  13. Ugh same here. I'm not heavy but if I could lose about 5, maybe 10 pounds I'd be happy.
    I've really been trying to watch what I eat (I've been at it for about a month now) and I order lite, no whip frappuccinos at Starbucks. Plus, I walk at least a mile around school every day because my classes are so far away from each other. Sigh.
  14. Sigh......I agree!!! Those girls have lucky genes!!!!!!