It Is Just Me Or Is There Anyone Also Disturbed With This Classicardigans On Ebay ??

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  1. I am extrenmely disturbed with this classicardigans on eBay who obviously selling fakes for unreasonable prices :rant::censor::rant::censor:. She/he doesn't even bother to put detail pictures of the bags she sell. For example for hat crocodile miel that she tries to sell over $ 100,000, that is A JOKE !! None will stupid enough to buy that bag !! If you see the picture she list on all Hermes auction she has, for Miel crocodile, she also put Black crocodile, and in her crocodile wallet pictures, she has 3 different colors crocodile wallet. Isn't that sound very weird to you guys ?! Look at her feedback, there is people who purchase the Miel crocodile for almost $ 10,000. I am willing to bet that she/he must asked a friend or family to buy her/his stuff !! I can't believe that eBay still let him/her sell on eBay !! This is absolutely against eBay policy. On other thread (robbreport), she asked for picture of the Hermes receipt. While her auction says that she has all bag included with receipt. Isn't that look very weird over here ? hmmmmm:censor::rant:
  2. The diamond Birkin?? Is it over $100,000????
  3. oh yeah, baby, look at how fake it is and you will know what I mean :wtf:
  4. oh wait.."I am a personal shopper"..that sounds too familiar...
    isn't that the line from the guy who photoshopped the "kellybirkin" to one handle?
  5. Which guy ? Sorry, I am new in this forum, but which guy you just mentioned. This is horrible that many people use ebay to scammed people. :rant:

  6. nevermind!
  7. ^^ Forgotten :P
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