It is indeed a slippery slope!

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  1. So the slippery slope you've all warned me about.. Well I just couldn't resist this one. :cloud9:

    Anyone up for a reveal?

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  2. I'm here! And you're right, it's a very slippery slope!
  3. Wooooooa reveal im hear :d
  4. I'm here :smile:
  5. OOH all these reveals today !! :smile:
  6. And me! :biggrin:
  7. My new Lily in deer brown :loveeyes:

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  8. Ooh - congratulations, MBA; she's gorgeous!! :heart:
  9. Completely worth it though! Congratulations, deer brown's such a beautiful and classic colour. Enjoy your lovely new lily
  10. Lovely lily - congratulations :tup:
  11. Ooooo lala!! Great bag :smile:
  12. How lovely x
  13. Lovely Lily :heart:
  14. Really coming round to Lily .. :smile:
  15. Stunning, congrats.