It is here. It is gorgeous. It is mine

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  1. Thanks. I, too, use pouches except for keys and phone. The bag looks like it has a large enough opening that you could actually see down into it to retrieve items.
  2. Congrats on your Montaigne. :flowers:
    It's a great colour!
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  3. Plus you can actually reach the bottom of the bag and the lining isn't black.
  4. Yea!!! I just may have to try one, lol.
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  5. Thank you. I am delighted with it!!
  6. Muchstuff. I stand corrected and bow to your knowledge. This cervo baseball bag is like no other leather that I have ever felt. Chewy and hardy perfectly describe it, as does comfortable, worry-free and yummy. I do find it difficult to describe its texture to others. It is nothing like the Deadly Ponies deer, which in itself is the softest leather I have ever felt. I am TOTALLY enjoying this bag and finding I don't want to change out of it!
  7. Glad you're loving it, here's another example for you...
  9. I've just seen it listed as a washed Cervo tote/hobo in the colour bering, which, I believe, was 2012.
  10. Well it is lovely. As you know I am new tob BV which means I spend lots of time on the web learning about this brand. With the exception of the new bag, the City Veneta, I much prefer the older styles. This is good for my wallet though.
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  11. Looking forward to watching you grow your collection. My BV collection and my Bal collection are starting to even up :lol:.
  12. That blue!!!
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  13. It’s pretty gorgeous for sure. Back in my usual situation, bought it and am now trying to decide if it’s too big for me yet again. I drive myself crazy.
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  14. Well I have to be honest. I have quite a few lovely Massaccesi bags because Marco was an independent designer with almost 30 years experience who sourced his own leathers, handmade his bags, customized as we wanted and was able to sell his creations for between €200-400. I could never afford that many BV bags unless I win the lottery, lol.
    Now if I were still working as a health care attorney, instead of being retired, that would be another story. :biggrin:
  15. Mine are all pre-loved, you can find some pretty decent prices. I check my regular online sites daily!
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