It is here. It is gorgeous. It is mine

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  1. It is really nice. Hard to describe. I am loving it now I have stopped trying to put thngs in It to get it to stand up. It flops and that is that. Lol
  2. It’s a great shot! Thank you!
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  3. Congrats on your first BV. I love the color.
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  4. Thank you. I have always shied away from bright colored bags. Shame on me. Look what I have been missing.
  5. Beautiful!!! And no, it won’t be your last... I used to just have LVs and the occasional Gucci, then I discovered BV and Balenciaga. I sold off quite a few of my LVs, although I do miss some of the older mono styles and always look around and get the itch to buy one. BUT I end up with BV anyway. My last bag purchase was supposed to be a crossbody LV, either a Speedy B or a Saumur but somehow ended up with a BV Cervo Hobo. can’t wait to see how your collection grows! This BV community is wonderful with lots of knowledgeable and supportive members/enablers!
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  6. All,I can say at this point is that I love this little squatty body bag and don’t want to change into another one, but I tend to do that with every new bag I get, lol.
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  7. I am fascinated by the cervo hobo bag. But I have a couple of other buttery soft leather bags that drape like it does, so it would be redundant for me.
  8. Hmmm, I don't know about that, there's nothing quite like cervo...:graucho:. Buttery soft isn't what I'd call it, it has a beautiful soft texture but is chewier and very hardy.
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  9. I believe it is deer hide isn’t it? I had a Deadly Ponies bag in deer so I know what you mean about the feel of it. It is supposed to be one of the most durable leathers.
  10. Yes, it's deer. I have several of them and the feel of that leather is divine.
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  11. I had never heard of Deadly Ponies so of course I had to take a look...some very nice bags!
  12. Yes, the leather is incredible. I always said that touching my Deadly Ponies was like petting a warm puppy.
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  13. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  14. How difficult is it, if at all, to reach in and find what you need in that bag. I am not a fan of a bag that is a black hole when it comes to getting something out of it.
  15. I don't find it that hard to find my stuff, but I'm a hobo gal. I also keep most of my stuff in pouches in my bags so its pretty easy to find what I need.