It is here. It is gorgeous. It is mine

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  1. My first BV, a preloved Montaigne in pristine condition. I can understand why all of you love this brand. It has a vibe about it that speaks of quality workmanship, fine leather and a most comfortable style to carry. I could not be happier. I also cannot believe that this bag is 7 years old. It has some slight wear on two corners that you have to search to find. The rest of the bag is like new. It is much smaller than I had pictured it, but I do not carry much, so it is perfect for me. Also, it is the brightest color bag I have ever had. But it goes with much of my wardrobe which tends to be black, navy, gray, etc.

    It is beyond my ability to capture the color correctly. It looks hot pink but has much more violet/purple in it. I would say it is between fuchsia and mauve. I tried to edit it with my color editor and still could not get it right.

    Well here it is, my first BV. Will it be my last? Only time will tell.
  2. It’s absolutly beautiful! The answer to your question: No, it won’t be your last one......but there’s something special about the first one....
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  3. Congrats on your new bag. Nope, it will definitely not be your last. Cheers to many more!
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  5. Extremely pretty Montaigne- congrats to you, it’s new owner! I like Montaignes and I love the color of yours. Let me venture a guess at the color - think it is rosa shock and if so, we are fraternal bag twins ;) as I have a Veneta in rosa shock. Enjoy your Montaigne.
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  6. Well I certainly have no clue. Lol. I am glad it is not as bright as it photographed. I really like the color; it pops while not being neon if that makes sense.
  7. Congratulations! It's beautiful. I sold a bag in a similar color and now I miss it.
  8. Well if it is this one you are out of luck! You will have to pry it out of my hands.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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  9. Lol! No it wasn't. It wasn't even a BV! I loved the color but the bag had more than wear than I liked.
  10. Congrats! It is such a beautiful color... and just to confirm what others said, unfortunately I also think that it won’t be your last
  11. Well that is good!
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  12. Just because I am continuing to look at other styles does not mean I will buy another.:angel:
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  13. Beautiful color!
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  14. Thank you.
  15. just keep telling yourself that! :graucho: You’re a bag carrying member of the tribe now.....:tup: