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  1. So my first bag order with PCE in a year has FINALLY arrived. I've got tons of pictures and many other photos of random Coach things I've bought while I have been away. :graucho:
  2. :yahoo: you must be thrilled! Waiting to see!!
  3. I'm excited for you! Let's see!
  4. Yay let's see!
  5. What iiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss iiiiiitttttt? :sunshine:
  6. let's see!
  7. I would love to see!!
  8. Here!!!!!
  9. First up....the goodies I've bought in the past year while I was too depressed to go to my favorite FP store. The Pinnacle leather Allie was from the Outlet outside Orlando when I went there with my boyfriend this February. (All I want from him this Christmas is a ring ;) And he "accepts" my coach addiction but will not buy me Coach stuff.

    The Madras tote is from...I honestly can't even remember where I bought. Somewhere in Chicago. lol!

    The heels I bought in Chicago with PCE in April because I had to buy something.

    The tennies were $32 from Macys a couple of weeks ago.

    And the JEEP is what I bought from the money I did not spend on Coach...! :graucho:

    The new purchase is coming right up!
    bag 1.jpg bag 2.jpg tennies.jpg heels.jpg car.jpg
  10. Congrats on all your new goodies! I'm sure the Jeep will serve you well on trips to the outlets! (And work and all that other good stuff lol)
  11. NICE stuff! I really love your Allie, but must say my favorite has to be the Jeep! ;)
  12. Beautiful Allie :smile:
  13. UPS came early (11 am) this morning. I was so excited and nervous. The box was....undamaged! Yay! I was so worried it would mangled and torn like the pictures I've seen on here this past week. UPS is usually pretty good where I live but I was still nervous.

    When I first got the box I was confused. It was so....small. Seriously when I ordered shoes before the box they were shipped in were bigger than this. Made me nervous to think maybe they sent the wrong thing or it was far smaller than I thought.

    She was perfectly gift wrapped but still seemed....small. So anxious about her being able to fit all my stuff as I am used to BIG bags.

    But...alas I unwrapped and she was PERFECT. I'm sorry she has surely been revealed on here before so its not that special to you all but I took as many pictures as possible (coming right up) and I've got a lot of commentary on this bag for those of you debating her.

    So without further ado....presenting Miss Juliet Pleated Diagonal Exotic in Black!
    shipping box.jpg gift wrap.jpg gift paper.jpg dustbag.jpg julliet 1.jpg
  14. That's the prettiest black bag I've ever seen! Love the pleated exotics.
  15. Gorgeous :smile: