It is hard for me + need help!

  1. Hi B-bag fans, you may help me out. I am new to B-bag. well, I have read some of the threads from you guys, but still have some questions.

    I am planning to get a FIRST or CITY, from what I understand, CITY is bigger and wider than FIRST, am I right? I went to NM in my state (and it may be the only store that sell B-bag). All I saw are drak colors, if I want a different color (like 07 ocean), do I need to make a special order? Also is there any offical website (like Elux for LV) that I can trust to order a B-bag?
    Thanks a lot! :yes:
  2. You usually won't see internet sales for BBags. However diabro is one who actually does picture them for sale (and they are from Japan).
    You can go thru Aloha Rag; however, they do NOT show the bags unless you email them directly. Their response time is good tho., AND they seem to have more of the vibrant colors in stock- as it seems that's what you are looking for.

    Hope this helps! And GOOD LUCK in looking for your very first BBag!
    You WON'T be disappointed~!! :graucho:

    PS I have both a FIRST and CITY. I use the FIRST for my weekend night out- ie: dinners and late night outings.
    The CITY bag, I use to my day's out for errands and when I need to carry a sweater and/or magazine.

    Take care!
  3. Why don't you order both from a NM out of state, that way you can see them IRL and still return them to your NM without having to pay the return shipping if you don't like the color and at least you could see both sizes .... just a thought.
  4. thanks girls, those infor are very helpful. I know Diabro have B-bag, but I was not sure that it is reliable. Now I know! Actually, order from an out state NM is a good idea. So should I just directly check the phone Number from NM website and call them? Or should I order the bag from the NM in my state, then let them to deal with the business? Any suggestion about which state NM have more color available? Thanks again!