It is going to be the cutest t-shirt EVER!!!

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  1. Ladies...I am so excited!! One of our members has agreed to make a t-shirt for me, to my specifications!! I took one of my favorite sayings...and a Bbag (of course!), and she quickly drew a design, which she is going to screen print on a white t-shirt. I have to show you all, because I think it is fantastic!!! Mods..if for some reason (I have tried to think of one and failed), this is not allowed..please delete!!

  2. Oooh I want one!!!
  3. :roflmfao: so true, this t shirt is ab fab, such a great idea, i once thought the same thing !!! :graucho:
  4. I LOVE that quote- what a great idea to make it into a shirt!
  5. I hope TPF comes up with its own shirt for us members, or something!
  6. That is THE best tshirt EVER!
  7. What a great shirt!!! This quote is so perfect for my sister and me. What a perfect philosophy to live by.
  8. so cute!
  9. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. aww so cute!!! i want one too!
  11. too cute and too true :P
  12. would love to wear it while carrying my Bal (of course) !
  13. I will PM this member, and ask if it is OK if she is contacted..if anyone else would like one. We are in no way affiliated...other than she is making me this basa$$ shirt!! I just couldn't resist is too fantastic!
  14. This is so funny I PURCHASED A CARD WITH THAT EXACT SAYING ON IT! LOL - I sent it to a friend that also loves bags!!!

    This really should be our club shirt though~ LOL :heart:
  15. labelfiend- you're so lucky your share this philosophy with your sister...mine thinks i'm a lunatic!:wacko: