It is getting Insane.. Chanel is charging me $150 shipping for box and ribbon

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  1. I think most of the ppl know about my disappointing story from chanel..

    and when I received the bag, it was imperfect itself and it comes with no box and ribbon

    I rang them up.. they told me.. the reason they didnt put in the gift box is trying to reduce the shipping.. which they mentioned it cost $250 to ship to NZ.. and they only charging me 150...

    if including the box.. there will be another $150 on top of it..

    and now.. I requested the box.. they said they are going to charge me $150 extra...

    I think that is INSANE. I want to ask any Chanel sales or anyone who ever purchase chanel from overseas. has chanel ever chaarge you $150 for shipping or more??? just for the box??

    I am very angry and piss off!!!! I cannot see any reason why they charge me so much...
  2. That is ridiclous! ask for the manager.
  3. That's sooooo stupid! Did they even ask for your permission to not send the box? Definitely ask for the manager!
  4. Seriously, what is wrong with this store?
  5. sounds like a store/SA issue. . . I have never read anything like this on this Forum before.
  6. That is ridiculously high! Definitely complain to the store. Maybe call other stores or customer service to see what they say, as well.
  7. Something does not sound right??
  8. I feel so angry for you - what a pain. I hate foolish stuff like this, IF the SA had followed through to begin with - none of this would be happening! What a waste of energy. I know we all wish we could help you, good luck over there.:smile:
  9. wow that is def crazy, I hope it all works out for you, I agree call around and ask if that is normal.
  10. Well,from my experience with my local Chanel boutique,whenever I order a bag it never comes with a box because the cost of shipping it with box and stuff would be higher I guess for them...that is ,if I want the bag to come to the b asap and not together with a regular such a case they would give me a box if and when they have one available which I don't mind so much since they take off the tags on all boxes anyway!!!
  11. $150 US? And now another $150? Are they shipping you a box full of dead weight? It's a handbag for crying out loud, how heavy can it be? I know it's shipped internationally or whatever, but still, that's an outrageous price. Definitely speak to the manager about that.
  12. How could it cost $150 to ship a box? Even if they shipped it through the post office by Express mail it would be less than $40. That's so lame. I can't remember if you mentioned it before, but what store is doing this to you? I want to make sure to stay FAR away from them...
  13. Ridiculous!!
  14. I am so sorry that you have to go through all that.

    but I must agree, $150? what is up with that? that means the box should have no flaws, come on a private plane with NO other packages and hand deliever to you by the post man who also sings a tune of congratulations. otherwise, no way!
  15. Those shipping rates are insane. I've never heard of it being so much.