It is funny how everyone's priorities are different.

  1. It is funny how everyone's priorities are different. I like nice purses. I always laugh when someone says "How could spend that much on just a purse I rather buy a fake" This is coming from someone who smokes 2 packs a day which at $5 a pack comes out to in my opinion wasting almost $4000 a year. Or how she has no problem spending $300+ for dinner and a few bottles of wine or spending $150 twice a month for manicures, over $100 a week at the dry cleaners. And she "my boss" thinks I am crazy spending so much on my purses. But I have the last laugh when I am able to pay my credit cards in full and she owes over $200,000 YES TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND on hers. At least I know what I can and can not afford. I rather cook at home or get a cheap manicure or even do them myself and I only use the dry cleaners for things that can not be hand washed. And I don't own much of that.

    Just last night we were talking about how I have discovered "pre-loved purses" and she said EWWWW how can you buy a used purse. I said I rather buy a used real purse in perfect condition than a fake that is going to fall apart. She just does not get it no matter how many times I try to explain why fakes are bad. She keeps saying real is a waste of money. I have given up trying to explain it.

    So does anyone else have people in their life that think they are crazy spending so much on purses when in your opinion they waste more money on other things then you spend on purses?
  2. sounds like the fact that she would buy a fake is the least of her problems...
  3. Uh yeah, my husband thinks I have lost my mind...:yes:
  4. Yes, but I don't even let people like that get to me because I know their priorities are different.

    I just figure we all have our vices.
  5. Yikes, your boss sounds like she is almost too much to take!
  6. Here is my priority: I would rather have a new car than an Hermes Birkin. But that's just me.
  7. Yikes.

    I try to mind my own business when it comes to those things. People can make their own decisions, and if they choose to spend all of their money on cigarettes and wine, then that's just fine by me! And if somebody does say something about my spending on handbags, then I let them know that I don't appreciate their judgement and that I don't judge what they spend their money on
  8. That's what mine thinks too. Since I'm on TPF a lot, he actually asked me if there is a place on this forum for husbands to complain about their wives' purse addictions! :roflmfao:

  9. heehee all the same. Mine logs on to a bodybuilding forum, I never understood it until now:biggrin:

    And yeah just the other day I was thinking about how alot of my friends that claim their price range is that of Walmart bags (although apparently they sold fake fendis lol), they spend a lot of money on alcohol at bars and clubs, or cigarettes, going out for movies etc. I like spending it on things like...bags! And travelling, clothes/shoes of course, but mostly...bags!!
  10. my husband and all of my frineds ( except one - who is an addict like me) , all agree that i am crazy. my husband likes cars , my other friend collects sneakers .. i collect handbags. i tell me husband all the time .. you're just lucky i don't collect diamonds.. plus it's my money so he can't say much !!! :smile::nuts:
  11. dear oh dear, I do spend money on cigarettes, wine AND handbags... :confused1: (not on drycleaners though:nogood:)

  12. Yeah but I bet you are not $200,000 in credit card debit like my boss.
  13. ^Oh no, thank God!!! I don't smoke/drink THAT much... yet.
    Gosh, one could buy a small house with that kind of money, and still have some change left for a couple o'bags... ;)
  14. $200,000K in credit card debt!!! How did she even get allowed that much credit???

    But you are spot on. I realised last year I was spending $5.00 a day on breakfast on my way to work - doesn't seem like much at the time but over a year it adds up!

    I know I could save a lot of money if I stopped spending a little bit here and a little bit there.

  15. The sad thing is in Los Angeles $200,000 is a small down payment.