It is finally sunny out and it is driving me nuts!

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  1. These past weeks have been horrible in Oregon. We have had snow/sleet/rain you name it. Today it is finally sunny and I am losing my mind. :nuts: It looks great out and here I am stuck at my desk. It doesn't help that I have a great view from my desk. It is making me so antsy! :robot: Anyone else feeling Spring Fever?

    I even went so far as to rock capris and a bright pink bag. The sun better be here to stay I ready for real spring weather. :supacool:
  2. Last week there was a really nice sunny day, and some people in one of my classes insisted on opening the window blinds at the beginning of class. I was like 'nooooo, keep them closed, I don't want to see how nice it is outside while I'm stuck inside!'

    We had a blizzard last night and this morning, so it's not spring here just yet. But I am enjoying our snow day (something very rare for our university).
  3. UGH I wish I had sun!!!!!!!! It is so dreary and yucky here in Indiana!
  4. I'm in NJ and the weather has been so up and down lately that it's just plain annoying. We've also had so much rain and cloudy days that I just want to skip Spring altogether and jump right into Summer. Although, I think this is actually the first yr. in a long time that we've had a real Spring because as far as I can remember, it'll be Winter up until March and towards the middle of April, it'll feel like Summer. Oh well, can't win them all.:shrugs:
  5. We put out our hummingbird feeders March 20 and haven't seen a bird yet.
  6. it's sunny here but still freaking cold!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!! That's even worse than clouds because at least you expect clouds to mean cold weather!

    but a sunny day in Oregon is absolutely priceless no matter what :girlsigh:
  7. its deff. gloomy today in nj.. i get down on days like these =/
  8. I completely sympathize with you! It's frustrating to be trapped inside on a nice day.

    Here in MD we've had rain and gloom off and on for as long as I can remember.:crybaby:
  9. luckily my office is away from windows so I dont have to torture myself of looking outside all the time and listening to people who are probably enjoying the weather.

    However, sometimes when I go out on my lunch break I am so envious of the people who get to stay outside, while i have to go back inside some air conditioned building in a hour. really stinks. By the time I go home the sun is on its way out.
  10. LOL, isn't that how it usually is?? When it's gross and nasty out, you have a day off...But when it's sunny and warm out, you've gotta work until dark!