It is FINALLY here!!!!!!


Need More Purses!
Jul 30, 2006
:heart: My Damier Azur Pochette is FINALLY here!! I was so excited to hear the doorbell ring that I took the steps three at a time (I have short legs so it was a funny sight I'm sure) to answer the door before my hubby!! I LOVE my new bag!! I'm very excited about it and am really looking forward to trying it out. I'll post pics soon...

However, the saga continues...the boutique returned the original price with the tax taken off (there isn't a boutique in WI) but left the shipping on it (they were suppose to return that to me...the story is on this site somewhere). They originally returned the shipping, then returned the bag without the shipping then charged me for the original price again. It was absolutely ridiculous!! (Anyone else completely confused here??) I'm definitely writing the boutique manager a letter, not that it will help, I'm sure but we'll see.

ANYWAY, I have my first LV in hand now and I'm using it as soon as I get moving here!! I think I'm in LOVE!! :love:
A bit confused about the return and charge thing but CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:

:s Sorry about that!! In another post I had written about how the Beverly Hills boutique messed up my order (back on 12/7) and when all was said and done they charged, recharged, and overcharged me. I had to call CS to get it fixed. What a mess! But all is good now!! :yahoo:
congrats! can't wait to see your pics. :smile: everyone is getting their azur pochette but me... i'm getting so anxious, even though i know it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!