It IS an olive Mulberry

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  1. Girls, I'm stumped. I have received a new olive Mulberry (it's GORGEOUS!!!), but I can't for the life of me take pictures that show up olive, they come out looking like oak. How the heck do I get the colour right? I've tried with flash, without flash, indoors, outdoors, to no avail. I'm not mad, it's definitely a wonderful deep olive, but how the heck will I get you all to believe me if pictures look like oak? :sad:
  2. We'll believe you mini! What style is she?
  3. But, I don't think you will believe me after seeing the picture.... :crybaby:
    It's by far the most wonderful Rosemary I have ever set eyes on. The leather is like a pillowtop, soft and squishy. It's definitely OLIVE!!!

  4. Oh Mini, she is gorgeous. Well, done you, finally another Rosemary for your collection. You must be sooo pleased.
  5. She's fabulous and looks Olive to me!!!!!
  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just gorgeous! is this the one from ebay?
  7. Well, this is the picture from the ebay auction.


    but she is definitely not so yellow in real life. She's a rich olive colour. I've never seen leather quite like it, I feel like I could squish her like a chamois leather and she'd come out gorgeous. I'm totally in :heart: with this Rosemary. She's by far my favourite.
  8. she is so lush - you beat me in the auction!!!!! well done - she looks better in your pic!! enjoy her!
  9. Olive is a really hard colour to photograph - it took me several attempts to get the photos right of my Olive Euston for the ebay auction, it kept looking yellow.

    Congrats on the new bag - is that your rosemary collection complete now?
  10. She looks gorgeous, such a great addition to your collection!
  11. Maybe your monitors show it better than on mine, but here is a picture that to me sums up the very best of my very OLIVE Rosemary.... the leather! It's truly amazing. I've brought her into work today and I keep sitting here and staring at her on my desk. :rolleyes: I wish I could capture the true colour.

  12. She is beauty - I can imagine the colour! congrats :heart:
  13. So it was you that sent the auction too high! :graucho:
  14. I will persevere (will try my other camera later) until you can all see the colour that I am seeing!

    As for my Rosemary collection.... no, it's not yet complete. I'm yearning for a black one and then I'll be satisfied. I am resisting the lavender because I don't think I would use it enough.
  15. Lovely, and you can see the olive colouring a places on the pic so can imagine how lovely she looks all over. Well done, great buy:tup: