It is 8 pm... who else is at work still???

  1. I am :wtf: :rant:
  2. Wow megs, what do you do, lol! You must have some job!
    Aw, dnt worry hopefully you will soon be home and snuggled up in bed with a warm drink lol!
  3. Well..... Im a mommy of 3 so I guess you could say Im still at work too.:heart: :P :heart:
    I could really use a 15 min. break about right now:hysteric:
  4. not me !!!!!
  5. Aww Poor Megs!:sad:
    Dont worry though, Im sure you will feel better once you cuddle up next to Vlad.:graucho::flowers:
  6. Probably the other attorneys!! I get to leave early because I'm still a law student
  7. It's 8:40... and I am definetly still here...
  8. If its any compensation it's 3 in the morning here and I've got another five and a half hours to go! At least you don't work nights!
  9. definitely not me!!!!
  10. Well, I'm not at work, but I'm still here working away at home. I get interrupted too much at the office to ever actually make any real progress. So frustrating...
  11. not me. im on 1 week vacation :biggrin:
  12. i'm still at work! hehehe, its 411pm here! hehehehe!!! Megs i hope you've gone home!!!
  13. Yuck, I hope you don't have super late nights too often!
  14. well its 10:44 pm... I guess I'm still at work :nuts:
    my baby just had a bad dream and woke up crying had to to hold her and get her to sleep again...;)
    she smells so good!!! and finally asleep so cute!!!:heart:
  15. ive had the last 2 weeks off work. wooot haha. def missing the paychecks though. boo :sad:
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