It hurts when you paid that much and got the fake one ...

  1. Hello,

    I'm just wondering if any of tpf members has this horrible experience where you have paid for a real birkin or other H stuff and got a fake one (certainly the products were not from H Store) and you don't realise it until you learn more from tpf website or someone told you that yours one is a fake one. Very frustating, isn't it? :cursing:
  2. Oh, no, BirkineSS, I hope nothing like that happened to you!! If it did, is there something you could do about it? Anything we can do to help?
  3. I agree with Jehaga...hope that didn't happen to you!

    Once I found this forum, I refer to it constantly before I make a purchase from eBay or any other source other than an official store.

    A little bit of homework can save a lot of money and heartache in the end.
  4. How long ago was it? Where did you purchase the fake? Does Sydney Government have a website where you can file a criminal complaint against the seller?
  5. that is a big fear of mine. I saw one on eBay and posted it her.
    i was told it was a fake, i would not have known. And it was listed for around 8k.
    it is rought out there. . .
  6. I was such a chicken-sh!t that I waited a long time after lurking & posting here before I hit the buy-it-now button.
  7. So far no.
  8. I have nightmares about this. I bailed, on what I know was an authentic bag...just because I was too afraid to take a risk. Am kicking myself now.
  9. It is my friend who unfortunately. She got it from a reputable boutique in our home country last year and paid USD$9,000 for it. I did have a close look and observed the bag for authenticity and I believe it is a fake one coz the padlock and keys doesn't have engraved hermes and numbers. Odd production year stamp (hers one is A circle), odd zipper handle with engraved H circle and the bag seems very light for size 30 birkin togo (my guess its no more than 0.5 kg)

    What do you guys think? Is it real or not or i'm just being paranoid about it?
  10. ^^ socialite boutique tried to sell me a fake birkin too. I almost lost nearly USD 6000 for it if not because of tPF ;)

    BirkiNeSS, I'm in Jkt now, want to go with me to Socialite Boutique together with your friend that has been duped? I will back up your statement regarding Socialite boutique selling a fake birkin :smile: Just PM me.
  11. Isnt Socialite Boutique the place where marhula bought hers?

    Ouch I hope you ladies didn't get duped!

  12. Ohhh, you mean in Sydney?

    There's nowhere I would buy a Birkin from in Australia, besides the Hermes boutiques!
  13. I have the phobia of getting a fake bag, especially on eBay and I refer here for authentication. I feel safer when the seller accepts paypal. I have no problems buying from reputable resellers when paying via bank transfer.

    I hope your friend is able to get some $$ back from that boutique. It's scary that they mix auth and fake stuff.. and sell them to selected "markets". :angry:
  14. It's very sweet of you, iloveLV. Be careful. Call Police?
  15. Yes, call a cop and ask them to do a Civil Stand By so that nothing gets nasty.