"It has to be designer"

Jun 7, 2007
I don't know about you all but this past year since I have gotten into designer stuff, more and more "has" to be designer. I don't even consider buying a non designer purse or wallet any more where as when I was just a little but into it, If i found one that was cute I would buy it. I was shopping with my friend to help me pick out sunglasses, I chose this particular friend because she has good fashion sense and most importantly is willing to go into the designer shops. None of my other friends will go in with me but she has pretty good money and goes in them alot but she is just not as obsessed as me. Anyway, I realized I was like this when she said "does it have to be designer?" and I said "yeah, it kind of does" So i started wondering why and realized I feel like I am "cheaping" myself if it is non designer. Im not there with clothes or shoes yet, but I have been eyeing shoes more and more and that scares me.

Does anyone else feel like their bag, wallet, whatever "has" to be designer? and not even bother looking at non designer stuff?
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Jan 5, 2007
No, not absolute. But I think my taste has always been towards "designer" stuff becasue it's usually more delicate. I love luxurious fabrics, outstanding details and other similar things. I also love the experience at the upscale shops. BUT if I see anything outstanding not from a typical "designer" house /luxuray label I won't hesitat to get it. That being said, I still would have the same standards for that item and the shopping experience that would make me come back. You can get some really nice stuff if you look, some places/cities are easier too look around than others, where I live it's basically hopeless.


Dec 28, 2006
I believe that you mean you actually want it to be a luxury brand, not "designer". "Designer" actually can qualify just about any brand as even something like J. Crew is a certain designer brand. A luxury good and "designer" are not one in the same, but I do understand what you're trying to say.

Anyway, it depends on the item. With bags for example, I know that I generally won't carry a purse from Target even if it was "cute" and so it would just sit in the closet in favor of a luxury bag.

Clothing I am kind of the same way in that I tend to like styles from particular brand names, but I don't have to wear (example) Gucci every day. I look at everything in tons of stores but I don't often buy really cheap stuff b/c it just doesn't get used. I'd rather spend more and have less b/c at least all of that stuff gets worn.

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Jan 9, 2007
i was feeling the same way u are now. for the past 1 year i could not bear to look at any bags/ wallet that is not luxury brand. i feel so bad for being a brand snob (sorry if i offend anyone). i'm glad that now i've come to peace with myself - if i truly like the bag/ wallet it's ok even if it's not luxury brand.

recently i've bought my 1st non luxury brand bag after buying luxury bags. after the purchase initially i felt happy then i felt confuse - unsure should i've bought the bag eventhough i like the colour, size, design etc. i.e i like everything about the bag except it's not luxury brand. i started using the bag with mixed feeling. after several usage i'm happy to say i like my bag even better now and so i declare i'm finally "free" lol.

anyway i'm still lusting after luxury bags :P but just not as crazy as before :yes:


Aug 16, 2006
Not at all with me.....I only like certain designers and just happen to love one designer brand bags...but other things..I can be pretty cheap about...actually most things really....he he...

I guess, if I had more means to buy them...I would prefer it but, unless I really, really love it...I dont want to spend alot of money for it....:P

But I do understand what you mean, its really easy to get into the luxury stuff and want to keep buying only those b/c of the quality and look.....
Jul 21, 2006
All I care about regarding a good handbag is that I am comfortable with the look and feel of the leather, and that the hardware is not cheapy-looking, and if it carries well, be it a satchel or hobo-type. Right now I am into Kooba, and Francesco Biasia because of the reasons stated above. But, I would never ever buy a bag just because of the name of the designer. There are some designer bags that I have been reading about in other areas of this forum that have major malfunctions, too.


Nov 2, 2006
Yeah, I'm like you. I choose my designer bags though....only brands like Balenciaga, Chloe, Chanel, BV, LV and gucci. I can't help it, I love them. Its a psychological thing too. I can't seem to force myself to buy even Dooney and Burke or Coach items..sorry...I'm such a bag snob.

But...anything goes for clothes and shoes etc...
Jun 7, 2007
yeah im still anything for clothes and shoes. I would rather have ecessive amounts of those instead of just a few very expensive ones. I do like to get the ocassional expensive shoe or clothing item but for the most part more the merrier. I still have a "standard" with clothing though, Like I cant get myself to do like..payless or walmart. Most of it ranges between $20-$150 a piece for clothes and shoes. More than $150 and it has to be one of the most awesome things that have ever graced my body. Im sure this is substantially helped by the fact Im still too fat to wear most of the high end brands. But bags and most accessories less is more.

and yes, I should have said luxury brand on the this thread, not designer.


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Sep 30, 2006
No, it's important to have low end basics too, because sometimes you need them. The difference is that I am suddenly uninterested in buying low/mid end stuff unless I get a really good deal on it.
Non-designer shoes for more than $20? No thanks!


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Nov 12, 2006
With wallets and handbags, I only own luxury brands, but not so much shoes and clothing. I may have a few high end items, but I don't "need" to have them. Like last winter when I was looking to buy a light coat I wanted a Burberry or Coach, but in the end I got a wilsons leather one that was just as good and satisfied all my needs.


Apr 6, 2007
I too have turned into a label snob, except in clothing. My clothes can come from Target or QVC, I do not care. But the shoes and the bags must be a designer name.
That said, I recently purchased a Rafe bag from Target. It is straw with a floral print. My extensive handbag collection indludes Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada...the list goes on. But guess which bag- the only bag out of my collection - gets compliments?
You're right. I could save a WHOLE lot of money here.

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I'm addicted to the quality. I'd rather spend the money on one purse that will last me, then on many cheap purses that only last a little while. I don't have any non-designer purses, because I could not bring myself to use them. LOL! But I'm the same way, and if it's not designer, I could not be bothered. Don't feel bad about it!!


Sep 22, 2006
I do have non-designer bags for very specific purposes. I carry a Gap tote to the pool and the beach. I carry that or a different Gap bag to the farmer's market to put vegetables and fruit in. I carry low-end designer bags to places where it is standard to leave all the coats and bags in a separate room (some holiday parties, for example). But for every day, I mostly carry mid-range designer bags (haven't yet made the leap to high-high, although I have two LVs).


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Oct 15, 2006
It usually just happens to me with bags and sunglasses. It's on very rare occasion that I'll buy anything else from a luxury brand.

I do understand what you mean though.. I don't even take the time to look at bags/sunnies that aren't from a fashion house anymore.