It has to be Chloe boots.

  1. I'm returning my Gucci boots (the sold out Hutton) to BF because the heel is just too high. 5 killer inches.

    Anyway I've found a black Chloe pair in the Edith style but it there's no tab pull in the back, just plain?

    Does anybody have this boot? I believe it's part of the Spring collection? Let me know and please describe the color of the sole/heel and the leather interior. Or any thoughts for that matter...

    Thanks much.
  2. Thats too bad about the Gucci boots but the 5' heels are a killer!

    What size Chloe boots are you looking for? I'll see what else I can find online!!

  3. Wow how sweet. Black size 9 (39B). Good luck!:heart: