It Has Come Early This Year!

  1. In about two weeks, I will be turning nineteen but my gift has come early this year thanks to my boyfriend!! I now finally have the signature stripe tote that I have been lusting for a very long time. :yahoo: I am quite disappointed about it not having the legacy lining but oh well. Sorry for the not so great quality pictures, I have been meaning to get a new digital camera soon (same with the Carly!) and I saved them as .gif by accident.



  2. it is very pretty ! Congrats!
  3. Man....I'm ready to go buy something just to get one of the tattersall boxes!!

    Congrats and happy early birthday!!
  4. It's gorgeous!! Happy Birthday!! What a fabulous gift!
  5. Congrats.

    and honestly - be happy it DOESN'T have the legacy lining. I have two bags with the stripe lining and I fret about it all the time (the snags and whatnot)...with a tote you want it to be more "user friendly" and I think the black satin lining lends more to this!

    Happy birthday and enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  6. Congrats!!

    i love that...i want that so badly, but it's too small for me!!
  7. its really cute...but as i recall the black one with silver stripe never came with legacy lining and happy early birthday!
  8. very nice and Happy Birthday-early !
  9. its very cute! what a sweet boyfriend you have
  10. I loooove it! the gunmetal is gorgeous!!! :love:

    Happy early birthday!!! :yahoo:
  11. I absolutely love that tote! Congrats & hope you have a happy birthday :tup:
  12. happy birthday! sweet boyfriend too!

  13. They havent wrapped anything in the tattersall box for me!!! Just the brown but they have the wonderful tattersall shopping bags.
  14. beautiful bag. congrat's.