It has been awhile...but this one’s special ♥️

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  1. Gorgeous! May I ask where you found this beauty?
  2. Thank you! It really was...I was very pleasantly surprised

    Thank you! I found it Rebag
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  3. Stunning! Congratulations. This was my first Chanel too and to echo the masses, it still sparks joy!
  4. thank you
  5. What an amazing find! Congratulations!
  6. Congratulations!! I recently bought the grey edition full set in new condition and was so ecstatic to find it!! They’re really special. I rarely say this but it’ll be my forever bag.
  7. Thank you guys! I wore her for the first time this weekend and I just couldn’t stop smiling, lol. I kept looking over at my husband and telling him, oh I’m just so happy ...haha! It’s our anniversary year too and that’s another reason why it’s so special.

    And yes, @AAxxx! This will definitely be a forever bag... no doubt in that. Congrats on your special bag too!
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    Months later...

    I find my (other) dream bag! I have been searching for this one for quite some time. Tried to force myself to like/accept the larger size when it became available bc it’s the combination of my dreams but it was just too big. Now, months later I come across this bag...and so the waiting game begins.

    *waiting (im)patiently*
  9. I'm not sure, does this mean you no longer own the reissue in this thread?
  10. Oh no, I definitely still do. That one will not be leaving my collection ❤️
  11. Congratulations on your patience and persistence. Your Anniversary Reissue is beautiful!
  12. With the a-ok from our amazing authenticator, ironic568, I am here to introduce the newest member of my Chanel family...

    *drum rolls*

    15A Red Reissue w antique GHW ❤️❤️
    F67E0AA4-8428-49B4-9874-1A8F90E9D696.jpeg 882E3389-0FA8-404B-867B-883F8710B087.jpeg 89B59555-D32D-4CD8-9ACE-40D8714C5E00.jpeg
  13. Thank you! It’s a 225 ☺️
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  14. Officially mine and out for the first time ❤️ 4E07E97E-882D-4CF9-96DA-4F53EC67C4D5.jpeg 0E5E7BBC-CB30-4057-86BB-42DB8F7708F5.jpeg F44C0ED2-D3A2-4B79-86F3-64F0FC7E32ED.jpeg A126E298-125C-4C85-B5DF-FC2DA48D7BD8.jpeg
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