It has been awhile...but this one’s special ♥️

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  1. I haven’t done a reveal in quite some time but this little beauty really deserves it [emoji7]

    Here’s the (unnecessarily) big box that it came in with bubble wrap galore...

  2. What is it? Reissue?:graucho:
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  3. Oh, I couldn’t wait to open up this baby!

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  4. [emoji7]

  5. My new-to-me 2005 Anniversary Reissue 225 [emoji7] I have been looking for this for so long and am just so ecstatic to have it! And to come with the full set ...I just couldn’t believe it [emoji33]


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  6. Thank you for letting me share [emoji120]
  7. Congrats! She is gorgeous!
  8. Huge congratulations on your new baby, she's beautiful !!!!
  9. Definitely special and what an amazing find! Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. Thank you!! I am just over the moon and even more determined to find my other unicorns lol
  11. She looks in amazing shape! The Anniversary edition (the true reissue) is so special. Congrats on finding this gem!
  12. Wow what a great find in great condition! My favorite Chanel.
  13. what a beauty! huge congratulations [emoji180] may I ask what kind of special this is?
  14. Thank you so much guys! I was quite impressed at the condition too!

    @LouisV76, it was the 2005 anniversary edition when Karl Lagerfeld brought back the Reissue [emoji4]
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  15. Huge congrats for finding this beauty!! Your patience paid off and you found one in what looks to be amazing condition.