It has been a while....let's see pics of your current collection!

  1. Here is my latest. My apple green city color looks a bit off in this picture. Plus the Ink twiggy is hard to see, but here they are! I just love looking at B-bags. :drool:
  2. WOW....gorgeous collection Rebecca!!!! I told ya....I'm drooling LOL
  3. Becca, just beautiful!
  4. ^^^ohhh lovelygarments...I always like seeing your Bal collection LOL

    I'd post mine, but ya it's in my avatar LOLOL
  5. I finally took a photo of my bbag collection. Before I joined the PF, I only had the caramel first. After a little more than a year, this is what I have now. Do you think being in the company of enablers is healthy or not? :graucho:
    bbag 001.jpg
  6. My updated collection:

    with flash:


    Without flash:

  7. Ooh, anufangava I love all of the charms on your b-bags. Very cute!

    south-of-france; what color is your First bag? That blue is so vibrant!

    twiggers; I am sure you will outdo all of us once your collection is complete. ;)
  8. France: Yes, what is the first? It is gorgeous!!!!!!

    Awww Rebecca....I don't know....I've seen lovely garments LOL That is an amazing collection!
  9. My teeny tiny collection. 07 Anthracite City and 06 Blueberry Day.

  10. Twiggers and Becca - it's the '05 turquoise First!! It was a long search until I had her! :love: Thanks for asking!
  11. south of france: i love all your blues!! the 05 turquoise is gorgeous :biggrin:
  12. Beautiful collections, ladies! I should take an updated picture of mine soon too. Things have been reshuffled lately.
  13. WOW :nuts: GORGEOUS collection everyone :tup:I really ADORE your beautiful bags :drool:! Thank you for starting this thread 'R' Becca..... :flowers:

    Here's my (almost) current collection (the '04 pumpkin purse has just been sold) ....

  14. France: Gorgeous bag....that's one that's on my wishlist *sigh* LOL

    Firstclass:'s like a rainbow!!!! Love them all ;)
  15. Gorgeous collections everyone!