It has arrived! Bag reveal...

  1. I got a parcel today. This was inside...
  2. Here’s sexy striptease... :biggrin:
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  3. Showing a little bit more flesh... :amuse:
  4. Nearly naked..
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    The Full Monty...

    Say hello to ‘Molly B.’ ... my new Small Zipped Mulberry Bayswater.
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  6. Congrats, she’s lovely!
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  7. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. I have one in oxblood and it’s a favorite!! Enjoy your beautiful bag!
  9. Congrats! I adore the Zipped bayswater series to bits, something about them which screams Mulberry, British, Functional etc etc
  10. Lovely! Enjoy your beautiful bag! I think the small is also the best size. :smile: