It happens every time....

  1. my husband goes away on biz.
    Today's epsiode unfolds as my youngest son and I are doing laundry. Just under 5, he's really smart and likes helping with chores so I left him in the laundry room "unloading" the dryer (pulling out daddy's socks!) for a sec while I got the next load from the bedroom just down the hall. I come back and he has his face screwed up and white powder on his mouth: he's sampled the Vanish oxi clean!
    Worst of all, I can't translate completely the dutch emergency instructions for swallowing this stuff and have to call my neighbour in. We call the doctor's emergency line, they suggest eating a tablespoon of mayo and small sips of water, which I have already rinsed his mouth with, but not made him swallow. Then off to emergency and the wait. After 2 hours he seems to be fine, but tells the doctor it looked like sugar!
    Second son, you think you are out of the fire, but at least he comes by it honestly. When I was a bit younger than he is, I apparently ate mothballs!:sick:
    He's sleeping peacefully now and looks like the little angel I "know" him to be:love: , but I feel like the worst mother ever!

    Anybody else have any stories about themselves or their kids antics?
    Please let them have happy endings!
  2. I am soo happy to hear this story has a happy ending! Kids will make your hair turn grey for sure!
  3. oh no, sorry to hear about your son. I'm not a mom yet, but im sure i'll come across something similar once i am. heheheh....
  4. I'm glad he's ok. I'm glad when I was little I just seemed to eat sticks of butter off the table for some reason. :weird: My mom liked ants! :sick:
  5. How scary! Glad to hear he is doing better!
  6. Check out these two. The big one in yellow has broken his arm, dislocated his shoulder and drank tylenol when he was 2.5 years old. The other one has chronic noosbleed and sleepwalks. Raising kids is not easy and is not for the faint at heart. You are NOT a bad mother. Parenting is often about surviving! I am so happy your son is fine. Why do they put everything in their mouth?!?!?!
    IMG_4897.JPG 2.jpg
  7. my mother used to play hide and go seek with my brother and i. my brother has mild ADHD and once while she was seeking, he locked himself INSIDE the dryer. of course, my mom freaked out when she couldn't find him. once she did tho, everything was OK. she still played the game with us afterwards, but made sure to lock the laundry room door :biggrin:

    you're not a bad do things that we don't even think about because they're kids. :biggrin:
  8. Aww, poor little guy. Glad to hear he's okay. Must be something with kids and laundry products. One story in our family is about my mom drinking bleach when she was a little girl because she thought it was ginger ale.:sick:
  9. I'm glad your son is all right :biggrin: Kids can get into so many things, don't feel bad! My cousins loved eating dog food when they were little :lol:

    Glad everything turned out okay!
  10. My younger brother sampled some matches when he was around 1 and a half 2 year old. I was the one who found him and thankfully he hadn't swallowed any of it.

    I also have caught my dog putting things she is not supposed to in her mouth. I guess dogs are kind of like kids.
  11. i climbed out of my crib and fell onto a basement floor (goodbye harvard!).
    i stuck my uncle's car keys in an outlet when i was younger (goodbye mit!)
    i licked battery acid off my fingers sometime around then too.
  12. Glad everything is ok in the end! Now it makes for a great family story. When my dad was a little kid he set an easy chair on fire! It was in his family room and they had to call the fire dept and everything. And his mom was VERY attentive -- he just got some matches under her radar.

    ^^^mariemist, you did some crazy stuff! I put my hand on a burning oven and was too clueless to simply take it off (I was about a year old) and had to go to the ER.
  13. Im glad your little guy is doing good now! raising kids can be so hard! :biggrin:
  14. I'm glad your little guy is okay! "Looked like sugar" :amuse: . So cute and innocent. When my daugher was 4 she drank water out of the iron when I wasn't looking. Don't ask me how she got ahold of the iron. I was just glad it wasn't hot! I freaked out and scared the mess out of her. I don't think she sampled anything strange since.
  15. I'm so glad that your son is ok. It's so hard to keep track of them when they can move aorund on their own and are so darn curious. My hubby was really really bad when he was a child. Child Services came by their house because of they thought his mom and dad were trying to kill him. He ate a bottle of baby aspirin (stomach pumped), drank a bottle of cough syrup (stomach pumped), ate mistletoe one Christmas(not sure what they did, but it was toxic). He was clumsy and also broke his arm, got hit by a car on his tricycle, ended up with a collapsed lung. It's amazing that he ever made it to adulthood.

    The only thing I ever did was stick a fork into the electrical socket. Never doing that again. Sometimes, I'm convinced that there are angels looking over children.