It happened. Finally.

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  1. Hi everyone! (I can't load pics from my laptop for some reason, so I'll add in a second from my phone)

    I'm a longtime lurker and occasional poster, and owner of a beloved Herbag collection that some of you may remember!

    Aaaaaaanyway, I had typed out this long reveal and it got eaten by the interwebz.

    *cue sad music* Sad times, folks. It was a good post, too. You'd have laughed, you'd have was better than Cats.

    Long story short: Girl wants orange Birkin for-evah! After 10 years, Boy tells Girl that she can start looking. Girl goes all :woot::happydance::yahoo::hbeat::choochoo:

    Boy is all :graucho: How *you* doin?

    Meanwhile, Boy tries to score one in a boutique and is shut DOWN. He finally manages to get offered one at New Bond, but it's the wrong color and size. Because Girl doesn't just want a Birkin for the sake of having a Birkin. Nooooooo. Girl has a dream. In a perfect world, that Birkin would be Potiron in togo or clemence 35cm with palladium. Not that Girl is specific or picky or anything. :weird:

    So Girl peeks at ebay, not feeling terribly hopeful but you have to try, amiright? And there she was: 35cm Potiron with palladium hardware that leather what I think it is?

    Shut. Up.

    You know how you dream of something for so long, and even in those dreams, you set limits for yourself because some dreams are not even worth wishing for, they are so far out of reach?

    Chèvre de Coromandel, ladies. In Potiron, because of course it was.

    Girl showed Boy. Boy smiled and said "That is so totally your bag. Buy it."

    And she did. And they are currently living happily ever after.:hugs: Oh, the Boy too.
  2. Nice story girl :smile:. Congrats! it feels good doesn't it to finally own your dream bag. I remember I was shaking to finally own my 1st b in the colour that I want. Please do show.
  3. Here she is...

  4. Perfection indeed!
  5. I laughed! I cried! That was way better than Cats! :woohoo:
    Seriously, I am really happy for you two. And the Boy.
  6. Well done.. Chevre - orange - size 35... I am with Mindy here.. But instead of laughing and crying.. i felt a pang of chest thud.. which tells me once again Im so happy and touched for you.... oh and the boy too..
  7. OMG that is fabulous !!!!
  8. what was the one offered in bond st?
  9. All he remembers is that it was brown and a 25. Veritable cornucopia of information, that one.
  10. Verdict: that bag was worth waiting 10 years for!!!

    :yahoo: for you and BF
  11. I simply had to come back and look at the orange " spine" ...... tsk tsk tsk.. what sexy spines these chevre bags have...
  12. And here's my much loved Herbag collection, on a table that my cats used as a climbing frame and launch pad. Silly kitties...


    And here she is, tucked under my seat on the flight hone from California (where the bag was, and where I just so happened to be going the following week after buying, so I picked it up and saved on import charges. Woot!)


    And those are my toes. :smile:
  13. Groovy nail polish!
  14. My dream color. Congrats.