It happened again! Another dirty look...

  1. So I got on BART this morning and sat next to a lady with a fake LV. She looked at my Neverfull, then at my engagement ring, then gave me the dirtiest look. So I took my headphones off and asked her if she had a problem with me. She just sat there like this:wtf:! Then she tucked her fake purse under her arm and looked the other way until my stop. As I was getting off she mumbled something. So I say," Pardon me?" She gave me the :wtf: look again. Then being the smart ass I am I walked out saying, "That's what I thought?"

    Do any of you ever get sick of the TO YOUR FACE horrible looks? I don't care if I'm walking down the street and get one, but I have a problem with it when it's done right to my face.
  2. I wouldn't let anyone take the smile or pleasure off my face. They're the ones with the problem. Just turn on the IGNORE button and keep listening to your music. BART is difficult with the close proximity of these arrogant nut jobs. Keep your chin up and enjoy!
  3. i don't really care anymore about those looks or comments
    if i love my LV and i know i look fab with it who cares about others?
  4. I would just have ignored her, silly woman!
  5. I agree. I usually just ignore the person, but this lady crossed the line. I've NEVER felt so insulted by one look.
  6. Lvoe it!! sounds like something I would do. I tend not to pay too much attention to people...everyone is a hater! but if the have the nerve to say something or do something completely obvious then I'll call them out on it.
  7. build a bridge.....

  8. Maybe she was in shock by the real thing.
  9. i know what you mean....ignoring is usually the best policy but some people really deserve to be confronted esp when they give off the worst case of stink eye.
  10. Go Girl!!!:nuts:
  11. People are so stupid. If I saw you with your nice LV on a train, I'd say something about how beautiful it was-- and your ring too-- not give you dirty looks! She's jealous in the worst way, not admiringly envious like she should be. I had something similar happen today when I went to work. Forget that cow and rock what you've got!
  12. I'm totally laughing about in now, but jeez. The nerve of some people.
  13. Oh yeah!:yahoo:
  14. She was self-conscious about her fake bag, as she should have been.
  15. you should have ignored her instead