It happened... a second one: I'm officially addicted

  1. So... I know I made you crazy, helping me choosing the PERFECT Balenciaga bag for me...
    I know I decided that the city was perfect...the dark red the best for me....
    But I spent way too much time drooling while staring at your bags... and I met this not young creature... It was immediate love.:heart::heart:
    I'll post better pictures later, but here is the 04 Marron First from "fabulous" AFF!!

    Hope it works.... The leather is....TDF!!!
    No..I'll try again...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. WOW, YUMMY... May I Squeeze it??? CONGRATS and WELCOME to Balenciaga Heaven.
  4. gorgeous, congrats.
  5. Very nice Congrats!
  6. ConGrats.. on your new addition.. very pretty color. Welcome to the addiction t:huh:! :woohoo:
  7. congrats on the beautiful bag!
  8. gorgeous. i love how broken in it is!
  9. congrats on your 2nd addition!! she's lovely!!
  10. Love the color. congrats!!
  11. One of my favorites! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!!!
  12. It's beautiful! Yep! You're Hooked!:woohoo:
  13. congrats! It's gorgeous :smile:
  14. I love the color...congrats to you!!!!!
  15. Yum!! Look at that leather!

    Enjoy :yahoo: