It had been a while, but I broke out my Nikki today and took some better pics...

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  1. I've posted pics before, but these came out better because I took them in daylight. The color is espresso (not glazed) with the original silver hardware. This leather is by far the best leather I've ever personally seen on a RM bag. I'm 5"0 tall, size 6 for size purposes.



  2. OMG I envy that bag!
  3. Cute bag...I absolutely :heart: the Nikki..It is my favorite RM bag..
  4. Its beautiful shopinator! Makes me love nikki more and more, I'm little too so I'm encouraged that its a good fit! (btw, your username rocks! I totally picture some badass fashionista tearing through a store buying everything with no remorse!)

  5. LOL! It's my husband's nickname for me. Your description pretty much sums it up :smile:
  6. wowwww i love the contrast of the silver hardware against the gorgeous redish brown!
  7. The Nikki looks gorgeous on you! Does the bag feel heavy at all when it is filled? I am thinking about getting a Nikki, but afraid that it maybe heavy with stuff in it.
  8. It's a little heavy, but for some reason, it doesn't feel that bad. I hate when my bags get heavy--my MJ Blake is so uncomfortable I'm selling it to a friend.
  9. Beautiful bag and it looks great on you :yes:
  10. love it !!

    I have a mam i'm not liking and think this is going to be my replacement.
  11. That is a truly awesome bag! Love how the brown really makes the silver hardware stand out. Vintage RM =)
  12. Lovely - looks great on you!
  13. Ahh the silver and brown is a yummy combination!!!! Love your bag!
  14. you totally rock this bag! beautiful!
  15. Gorgeous bag and it suits you!