It Goes With Everything !!!

  1. What do you have in your wardrobe that goes with everything ?
  2. A simple clean lined white blazer, of course BJ's, a crisp collared white button down shirt.

    Oh yea, and fitted tees in almost every color.
  3. my jandals (hehehe) and my black fleece thingy plus the basic singlets and tees!
  4. my dark green (olivey) juicy tracksuit jacket!! the colour just goes with EVERYTHING i own! its amazing!
  5. Little black t-shirts! I buy them at BR. I have the same style in about 6 colors. I always buy in multiples when I find something that suits me.
  6. ^ I agree... LBS.. Little Black Shirts... or even better... JEANS... THEY GO W/ EVERYTHING!!
  7. A really soft raglan Juicy Couture tee in black. I own this in every color but the black goes great with jeans, nice pants, and skirts. I love it!
  8. Michael Stars tanks for under suits. They go with everything! And my vintage Valentino Black leather jacket (looks like a blazer) that my mom gave me- I can put that on with just about anything!
  9. All of my cashmere sweaters and black pants. Not to mention the tan classic trench.
  10. My columbia zip-up the front fleeces -- one in pale green, one in blue. They are like my adult security blankets -- comfy and warm.

    My dress up "blankies" are probably my cashmere sweaters and pearls.
  11. Jeans...hehehe.
    And a pair of white Reef sandals...oh so comfortable.
  12. My black heels and gray sweater I pair with so many things.
  13. My grey cashmere sweater and of course jeans
  14. my pink hoodie jacket, and of course JEANS! Pink really accents everything =)
  15. My Polo's & Jeans & Cream Blazer! It goes with everything I wear !