It finally shipped!!

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  1. So after like what seemed like forever, my pleated ergo satchel in natural just shipped yesterday too! Yay! My date of arrival is also April 9th but they sometimes tend to come a day early, which I am hoping for! But now after seeing the other pics on here, I am seriously contemplating another one but I can't decide on a color! I'm leaning towards the pink patent but I also am really liking the burnt orange. I think I will wait to get this one before I order another though, just in case it's too small. I don't know! I'll get pics to you guys as soon as I get it!
  2. I am hoping mine will be early as well, but I doubt it. I have noticed that my last few bags have gone through Atlanta instead of Memphis. When they go through Atlanta they sit for 2 days. For example, the Miranda that arrived yesterday (Friday) sat in Atlanta since Wednesday at 9:00am to Friday 4:42am. When they went through Memphis they never sat in a facility for that long.
  3. I am so excited for you! I can't decide between the natural, the pink patent, or the navy patent....sigh....if I could just make a decision on this already I would be SO happy!!!! :smile:
  4. picturess...quickk!! hehehehheee...
    im leaning towards the pink personally..that color is just TDF!
  5. How exciting! I think the natural is a nice neutral color, it is obviously not as fun as the other colors like the pink though. The burnt orange might be a good happy medium, KWIM?! Can't wait to see pics when you get the bag!
  6. yay!!! i love this color too - cant wait to see your pics....
  7. Yeh! I am so happy we are getting our handbags also after the long wait!
    I hope I like this color also. We will see I order the wristlet to go with it also. I also like the pink
    patent so I guess we will see after we get them? I am so glad everyone is getting other colors so we can see them and decide!
  8. Congrats!!! can't wait to see photos
  9. April 9th is going to be a busy day around here!!! I'm so happy yours finally shipped too. Now if we could one see a picture of the matching accessories. Im sure someone will order soon - and it might be me!! Im going to my store on Monday to do an exchange, so I'll probably order the matching wristlet then.
  10. Congrats! I can't wait to see what this bag looks like in the natural. I was going back and forth between the natural and black, but ended up ordering the black since I need an everyday black leather bag. I might have to order a tote in the natural though!:yes:
  11. Congrats on your new bag, cant wait to see pictures either. I just saw another thread about the Ergo Pleated Satchel and didnt even have any idea what it looks like, ITS STUNNING! you guys make me want one.