It Finally Happened to ME Too: The Sad and Frightening Tale of My Last eBay Purchase

  1. I bought the stuff, and paypalled the seller immediately, as I have done for years.

    When the item seemed late, I checked the tracking number the seller had sent, and it was not a valid number.

    So I sent a polite email asking if the number might "be listed another way," and pointed out that the merchandise had not arrived.

    I got a reply from someone who claimed to be a friend of the seller, who had tragically collapsed with a heart attack, and his computer had also collapsed, but the friend was doing all he could and would let me know what was going on in a day or two.

    I sent a very polite reply, to the effect of let me know if you would rather just refund me for now, and if and when Mrs Seller wishes, she can contact me and we can revisit the matter at that time, prayers for her, for the seller, for you, etc.

    A week goes by, and I hear nothing. So I send another polite email. How is the seller doing, please let me know if you have time, nice things, blah blah.

    Another week goes by, and no response.

    I go to eBay and check the feedback. The seller is not only getting it, but responding to it! And new items are being listed.

    So I call the credit card company, and explain the situation. Fine, they will take care of it.

    I email the seller, or rather I guess the seller's friend, and say since all this is going on and I haven't heard from you, I've asked my credit card company to help you just refund my money, I think this will be the best thing for both of us, under the circumstances.

    Because at this point, I don't really know what the circumstances are.

    I wasn't born yesterday, so I know that the heart attack song is one that gets frequent eBay airplay, but it is usually sung by buyers, or by sellers who have simply sold your item off eBay to someone else for more money.

    But the seller looks really legit, and appears to have a long and successful history as a merchant, both on eBay and off. Googleable. That's why I bought his stuff in the first place.

    So I don't really know what the deal is.

    My email to the seller about the credit card gets somebody's attention, though, and I get an email saying how yes, family members have been doing what they can with the eBay business, they are now all grieving the death of the seller, because he didn't get a kidney transplant, etc etc. and my items are ready to go, and if I want the friend will go to their house and send them.

    So I tell him look, you do whichever is easier for you, yes, I would like to have the stuff, but I don't want to cause an extra burden for you or the family at this time.

    I have no idea whether I will get the items, or if I will get my credit card refunded. I will get one or the other, I will let the credit card company worry about which.

    Paypal may punish me, but that's OK, because this was my Last eBay Transaction. My eBay Swan Song.

    I guess the scariest and most ominous thing about my story, and the reason I post it here is that it does NOT involve thousands of dollars or a high-ticket designer item:

    It was essentially a couple of pieces of faux bling, and the total amount of money involved is about $30.

    So farewell, eBay. It was nice while it lasted!

    And Buyer Beware!

    Edit to add another suspicious aspect - the friend's email said that one of the pieces of bling was missing a stone and they were going to have to take it to a jeweler.

    The post credit card email from "friend" said that it was now back from the jeweler, and at the deceased seller's home.

    Now to have a jeweler put a stone in would cost more than the price of the item, and I know if I were 'friend' I would simply tell me sorry, it's missing a stone, here's your money back.

    Even if the seller is so conscientious that HE might send it to a jeweler, and eat the cost, the friend who is stepping up is very unlikely to do such a thing. Any item that can't just be sent out, pop, pop, I would just send them the money back!
  2. dang, the things people to for a couple of dollars. I hope it will work out for you in the end!
  3. I'm so sorry, ShimmaPuff. I'm going off ebay too as soon as I wrap up my current transactions. I recently sold 10 items and have 7 late payments, ugh...
  4. Oh, yeah, and if the computer crashed, somebody was able to give friend the password to access their email from a working computer with an internet connection, so how hard would it be to also give friend the password to the eBay and PayPal accounts.

    Still, in an abundance of generosity and benefit of doubt, presumption of innocence, etc etc, I will not name the seller yet, just in case it is all true, and friend just happens to be a clueless newbie thrust into a world he does not understand, and would thus be incapable of navigating the PayPal site and issuing a refund, and also too upset emotionally to make good choices, even choices that make any sense.

    I would not want to appear to be speaking ill of someone who had lost a dear friend, but this thing is so lousy with red flags that the bulls in Pamplona are taking extra Prozac.

    Thank you all for listening, and for your support.

    I had heard (offline) of some small dollar ripoffs recently, but this really looked like an established merchant...
  5. I guess the wolf hit that henhouse, unfortunately for you! I feel for you, and I don't doubt that thats it for you either-I am fast approaching a similar mindset-it amazes me the latitude we continue to give these people, reading these stories here is just amazing!
  6. I would just file that the item didn't arrive and be done with it...............sound like a crock of horse crap to me!
  7. THank goodness it was not a high ticket item..
  8. Every day I log on here and read of at least one tale of a scam, be it buyer or seller. I have been scammed THREE TIMES, as a buyer, with fake Chloe Paddingtons. My ending was a happy one as, in each case, I was able to get a refund. It was only thanks to the wonderful ladies here that I was alerted to the fact that my bags were fake. I finally got my real Paddy, albeit on Ebay, from a lovely PFer.

    I hear more and more people here saying they are done with Ebay. I really think the end of Ebay is nigh, which is very sad as it used to be such a fabulous place to save a bit of money whilst enjoying the sense of community.

  9. I feel compelled to spew some backstory and generalized rant-lament.

    This faux bling was not for me. I have enough Fine Old Bling to open a store if I wanted to, and yes, even Fine Old Faux Bling can be handed down. I am not the first person in my family to collect the stuff.

    Nor am I the only person outside my family to collect it, and this particular bling was going to be a gift for a dear friend's Menopause Liberation Jubilee. She collects it, and her collection had a gap, and I saw something on eBay that would fill it in nicely.

    And no, I couldn't just substitute something from my own stash, we collect different flavors of some things, it's really quite a wide field, so I gave her an old Chinese embroidery piece, I got a bunch of them for next to nothing in a Good Old Days of eBay coup a few years ago, so I slapped a particularly spectacular one in a frame, and she will never suspect that it was not bought especially for her, but I will know, and and even though in the unlikely event that I do receive the bling instead of a credit card charge-back, I will give it to her, and she will be delighted, but it won't be the same as presenting it and her getting to open it at her Menopause Liberation Jubilee.

    Now I know that while I will not lose my $30, there are people here who actually have lost thousands of dollars, and most of those people are not so rich that thousands of dollars is insignificant pocket change, they saved up that thousands of dollars, often at great sacrifice.

    And if you go over to the General Advice forum, there are people with really wrenching, life-shattering problems, most of such magnitude that I don't dare even try to give them advice, tales of losing things a lot worse than a Moment, which is all I lost, really. I just wanted to see her open it up and squeal and hop while everybody took pictures of her, and people who knew explained to people who didn't that she had this and that, and now she has just what she needs to make that part of her collection totally rock, and so Jubilee! And no, not so people would say well isn't ShimmaPuff wonderful, I would have happily given it to her anonymously if that would have made it arrive in time for the event.

    So, you might say, if it was going to be of such momentous emotional import to me, maybe I should not have left it to the vagaries of eBay.

    And you would be right. I should not have. But I did, and now I have gone through an entire month of uncertainty, and I guess if I am to be truthful, some sadness over the end of eBay as a part of my life, which, yes, I clearly saw coming, if you have read any of my posts here, it's as obvious as if I had been talking about a bad boyfriend, and we were all just waiting for the other shoe to fall, but now it has, and I will miss eBay.

    I will miss the fun of finding exactly what I want at a price I can afford at any hour of the day or night. Who wouldn't? Isn't that why we all do it? Or in my case, did it.

    Sure, you can hunt around, and maybe find something kinda sorta in a store somewhere, or you can poke around online and off and see if somebody can't hook you up, but it will not be the same, I have done those things, too, concurrent with using eBay, and there is no comparison. There is just nothing like eBay, or at least like it used to be, when most of the sellers were just people like you, except enough UN-like you so that when their sister went to Nepal and brought them back a big black velvet (REAL velvet, as in silk, not the polyester crap) bag delicately hand-embroidered in silver with a bird of paradise surrounded by roses and jasmine flowers, purchased directly from the artist herself, they would put it on eBay as a Buy It Now for $8.00 and charge $3 to ship and explain in the description that it just "wasn't their style," and you would shriek, "well it's hella MINE!" as you hurried up to click before somebody else did.

    That eBay is gone, and frankly, has been gone for a long time. Now the big eBay coup is some ready-to-wear item of a particular brand that retails for $60 sold for $25 by a drop-shipper whose employer trail leads back to the factory that made it, if you want to look into that very closely, which you probably don't.

    So, as most of us, myself included, have advised people over in General Advice to do with the bad boyfriend, it is time to let the past go, be glad of the things I learned, and the beautiful things I have been able to bring into my life that would never have been possible had it not been for that Golden Age of eBay, enjoy those things, and be glad that I had the experience. For the Good Times.

    But unlike the girl moving on from the bad boyfriend, who can look forward to the joy of finding that Right One, no matter how awful the inhabitants of the bulging Wrong One file, there will be no rightBay that is six squillion times better with a kajillion times more stuff that is nine squillion times more beautiful at even cheaper prices.

    It was, like yet another cheesy song, Just One Moment in Time.

    And it has passed. Thanks again for reading it, and for your sympathy and support.

    Even though I only lost a Moment.
  10. "nice story" :lol: Maybe your seller is potential to be novel writer, just suggest her to do.

    OMG, she made that story just for $30?? Ashame herself for that amount of money. I agree with you, where in the world we'll share our eBay & PayPal pass. with friend espec. PayPal pass?? :shrugs: NO!
  11. Well, I can see how, if your spouse really did collapse, that you might give a close and trusted old friend access to your various accounts so that they could at least explain the situation and refund money to people, just to avoid burning your eBay business bridges, and while they were at it, notify eBay and paypal what was going on etc.

    But try as I might, I am just not able to will myself to believe that this seller's story is true.

    I think that even though it is only $30, someone probably contacted them off eBay and offered them $50, or maybe it was a dear friend who saw it and just had to have it, who knows?

    But now he just keeps emailing me saying he hasn't heard from me, oh, yes he did finally see this or that email, things that sound more like he is getting confused with a story he may be telling someone else, and I have carefully sent everything to him both by email AND through eBay itself, so I know that he is receiving it, it looks like now he thinks he can just stall for time or something, and maybe I will call off the credit card company.

    Which, of course, I won't do. If he really does intend to send the item, he can provide both me and the credit card co. with a legitimate tracking number, and then soon the merchandise would arrive, and at that point I would inform the credit card co. that the situation had changed.

    But I am not going to do it based on vague emails, even if they did appear to be actually replying to anything I said!

    He can deal with the credit card company. It's their problem now!
  12. "dear friends and family, we *must* go on selling ted's stuff on ebay. it's what he would want. God rest his soul!"
  13. oh my... i'm so soryy shimma... i hope u can get the money back or at least the stuff...

  14. :yes: :lol:

    Sorry this is happening to you, SP. I'm having a bit of a problem with a seller, too, at the moment.

  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: