It finally happened to me ..... sigh*

  1. I have heard many stories about the chains on a GST and classic flap breaking and always thought it was perhaps a defect. But now I see it's just poor craftmanship. A week ago the chain on my classic flap finally broke. I was so dissappointed!!! I had it for half a year and only got to use it 4 times!!!! And come on let's be realistic, there was nothing ever weighing more than a lb in that bag. And to my dismay when I took it back to Chanel for repairs a random SA tried to charge me a fee to repair it. She claimed that since I didn't buy it from the boutique they would have to charge me. Which is pretty ridiculous .... we argued a bit and then she finally agreed to send it in free of charge.

    Oh and another downer ....
    I recently took my white rock n chain in for cleaning. When I got her back, the stitching was coming loose. And they totally messed up the inside of the bag. I don't know what to do since this was over 2 months ago. And I just didn't think to open the bag to inspect since I told the SA who took the bag in to just clean the outside.

    Argh how frustrating!!!!
  2. Hey, my melrose charm just cracked out of no where today. What is going on???
  3. I'm so sorry that happened.
    for what we pay for these bag we certainly shouldn't have to deal with stuff like this.
    I would be really angry and P-off too :cursing:
  4. gosh, now I am afraid to use my classics too much. :sad: Does anyone know if Chanel will repair that sort of thing for free or do we need to shell out more money? :confused1:
  5. I'm sorry to hear of your ordeals. This is just so NOT on par with Chanel's prices. I was going to bring my brown caviar Medallion tote in for a spa treatment to touch up some minor discoloring but I think I'll send it to Lovin' My Bags instead. I don't trust Chanel to do a good job.
  6. Roey, I would agree with sending it to LMB. I know everyone keeps saying that we should take it to Chanel for spa treatment or discoloration issues, but honestly, I think they are all over the map as far as what to expect when you get your bag. If you have to pay for the service, I would definitely recommend LMB over Chanel, as they are in business to clean and recondition bags and I have never ever heard a bad thing about the job they do (my own pink reporter came back beautifully restored from LMB!)
  7. This is just not right....chains breaking? I wonder if Chanel headquarters knows about these problems.....maybe we should start a thread and approach them, that is so not right to get a classic chanel only to have it break after 4 uses......COCO must be turning in her grave!!!!!:heart::tdown:H
  8. So sorry to hear what happened! May I ask, how exactly did the chain break?? I assume you had the type w/ leather interwoven thru chain links. Were the links not closed properly or did the hardware just snap? I noticed on my first jumbo that several of the chain links were not closed but I exchanged it for a new jumbo. I really do love Chanel flap bags, but it is disheartening to hear about all the quality control issues people are having. :sad:

    I hope you get your bag back good as new!
  9. I hate to think that Chanel has indeed sacrificed quality for profit margins ... I am truly not liking what has been going on lately - and from a brand that is supposed to epitomize class. Very disappointing. Is it going to make me go to another brand? Frankly no - I can't seem to believe in any fashion house nowadays.
  10. Yup, I would have to pay since I bought the bag on eBay and it's from year 2003. I remember the before and after pics of your Reporter and how beautiful and refreshed it looked from spending time at the spa! As soon as I get a price quote and can bear to part with the bag, off it will go for a beauty treatment.
  11. I'd also much rather send a bag to LMB than Chanel. You'll get it back faster and IMO it seems like they do much better work.

    Luckily, I haven't had any problems with anything breaking on any of my Chanels yet, *knock on wood*. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope you can get the problem resolved quickly. I would be so upset!
  12. Sadly, this doesn't surprise me. I witnessed an event at the Tysons Chanel Boutique in November and it made me start to re-think about purchasing Chanel further. I sincerely hope that whatever is going on, the company gets it together. I expect more from the House of Chanel.
  13. I apologize in advance for sounding like a broken record... but are we willing to admit the problem bags may not be made in France and Italy, as labeled? What else can explain this horrible quality control.

    This really upsets me. I'm watching some stitching unravel on my beloved MC tote as I type this. :sad:
  14. I am sorry you have to experience this type of aggravation. I have been in your shoes, and also had to deal with a bad repair job.
  15. Jayne, NO!:cursing: Where are the stitches unraveling, and what do you plan to do?

    I agree... France and Italy, my a**. Perhaps the craftspeople are drinking and stitching...:shrugs: