It finally happened, my first INR as a selller

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  1. I have been lucky w/ selling on ebay for the most part but i just got my first item not received case and I am pissed. i live on the East coast where we have been buried in snow. I sent the item on Saturday (last week, 6 days ago) and uploaded the tracking # immediately. For some reason, Ebay says it should have arrived on 2/4 when you track it but when you go to the UPS tracking site, it clearly states 2/7 (going East Coast to CA in the middle of a bad snowstorm). Buyer opened a case which froze my $$$ yesterday with a comment of "I haven't received my item, do you have insurance on it?". She obviously didn't track it b/c if she had, she would see it was on it's way and due to arrive today. I bought insurance on it for $1100 (amount I sold it for) and it is sig required. I responded via ebay message w/ everything I have listed above. With this being my first INR, what do I do to unfreeze my funds once the bag is delivered and why did ebay even let her open a case to begin with??? There is no grounds for a case!!! The buyer has 100% feedback and while not a ebay super buyer, has been a member since 2008. Help!!!????
  2. Boy that is one impatient buyer. I wouldn't worry, you have signature and insurance so you have all the protection you need. Hopefully the item will arrive today, once that happens you can respond to the case with proof of delivery and signature and the case will be closed.

    While it might be tempting to let the buyer know how intemperate she has been, it is better to say nothing. She can still leave feedback. Among all the nice buyers there are a few PITA's out there and I guess it was your turn to run into one.
  3. I second that!! Very impatient indeed!

    I'd check back to see when delivery was made & just forward that to ebay.. your case
    should be closed & your funds released.
  4. Sorry OP this happened...

    Isn't this the opposite of another thread you started a couple of weeks ago where you were the buyer and you wanted to open a case for an item that had not arrived in like 5 days and was asking advice?
    .....but I do also remember that you did not receive the tracking info which was frustrating. Anyway - I guess you are on the other end now and although you have uploaded tracking and have politely communicated with your buyer she was impatient. Not a lot you can do until the package is delivered so you'll have to be patient on your end.

    I do think ebay cases would be cut in half if both buyers and sellers would wait things out and practice a little more patience. This is not directed at you OP - just an observation from reading through a lot of these threads.
  5. As has been said, once the item is delivered and signed for, you can just reply to the dispute, both with the tracking and a copy-and-paste of the "delivered on (date) and signed for by (name)" and your money will be released.

    As for the buyer having 100% feedback, that doesn't mean anything since all buyers can only receive positive feedback. What carries more weight and gives insight into the type of buyer she is is the feedback she leaves for sellers.
  6. So very ironic.

  7. Isn't it though ;)
  8. I think this is because Ebay has become a place where neither buyers nor sellers trust each other anymore. So many buyer and seller scammers out there. On each side we live in fear of being screwed over by the other side, so we tend to jump the gun to assert our rights under EBay's policies rather than try to sort things out with the other party. I haven't had a bad buyer yet, but I've had some terrible experiences with sellers. But then again, I'm fairly small potatoes in the ebay world.
  9. FYI - the case will automatically open if the buyer chooses "I have not received my item" as a subject of her email. The buyer may not have meant to open the case, but that is how the system is set up. Unfortunately, there is no way to "unfreeze" the funds unless the case is closed. Bure will have to close it herself or it will be closed automatically after 30 days.
  10. ITA.

    But I do think there is a BIG difference between waiting five days with zero communication vs having tracking information specifying a 2/7 expected delivery date and filing a claim on 2/6.
  11. In a way, yes. But, if buyers would just wait and not jump the gun, it would be so much less stressful on both sides. I have said it before, I do not need a tracking number. Either it arrives or it doesn't. If it doesn't and the sellers can prove via the number, it was delivered, then I am SOL. If not, then I get a refund. The number is for the seller's benefit not the buyer. And, I do not care if I hear from a seller unless it is to let me know something, like the package will be delayed or was damaged or something like that.
    In this case, the buyer jumped the gun and is making the seller jump hoops.
    In the previous case, the buyer received her item and was very happy except for receiving the tracking number.
    DC and SC, like insurance, is for the seller.
  12. Yes that was the essence of the last thread. On a high end item a tracking number or even a little communication is important to some people. For others it is not important.

    That point was :btdh: in the last thread and it was not my intention to re-raise it here. It just didn't seem fair to me to compare the OP who as a seller had provided and followed the tracking only to have a case opened the day before the item was due to arrive with a seller who provided no communication for five days and then promised a tracking number that never arrived. IMO, it is not the same thing.

    IMO, on high end items, communication on the part of the seller is as important as patience on the part of the buyer. I think claims would be cut by more than half if these two things were in place.
  13. I was simply responding to a post.

    Paying for an item is required.
    Shipping said as described item is required.
    Communication is not. It can soothe nerves, but some people just do not communicate well.
    I imagine the OP's buyer received her item today and everything will be fine.

    As an aside, yes, I send tracking numbers to my buyers when I remember to, but have never asked for one from a seller. :smile:
  14. I'm in Arizona and I always forget that other places get snow. LOL!

  15. I wish I could say that!!!!

    I love your doggy. :smile: