It finally came!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

  1. My Inferno Gioco finally came today! I absolutely love it!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    I had never seen Inferno in person before and wasn't expecting the colors to be so vibrant and beautiful. I can't stop staring!! :yahoo:

    It's the perfect placement for me...I'm not a big fan of the tree like most are, I love the pizza devil, Adios and devil brushing teeth, watermelon boy, and toilet paper boy. Also have a beautiful yellow ipod girl on the top.

    Here are some photos and an updated group shot:




    Here's an updated group shot of the happy little family: Pirata Zucca, Famiglia MM, Inferno Gioco, Spiaggia Stellina, Notte Denaro, and Lamore Porta!


  2. Congrats on your new gioco! It looks so cute!! I love the inferno print, it's one of my favorites =)
  3. niiiiiiiiiiiice. pizza eating devil is cute. i love cheese.
  4. Congratulations! You have a really nice Family Toki - all different print and sizes!
  5. congrats! it was well worth the wait!!!
  6. congrats ^__^!

    pizza oven = best character!
  7. Congrats!! Love the gioco!! Your family is great and growing!! I'll have to post my new inferno ciao ciao in a minute!! Love the devil brushing teeth!
  8. Yay!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Glad you found your perfect Gioco! :tup: I too loooovvvve my Inferno Gioco! I didn't expect that I would since initially I wasn't too "into" the devils...hehehe. But I love the colors... how the pinks and blues look against the gray background. Beeauuutiful! Even the Gioco style wasn't great for me at first, but now it is fast becoming my fave! So weird! Head-to-head now between that and my Spiaggia Zucca. :p Enjoy it!!!
  9. Congrats on your Gioco! You got the black kitty and vampire bunnies on it too, I think they are some of the cutest Inferno characters.
  10. Congrats on your inferno gioco. It's the bag that got me to start buying tokidoki.
  11. I LOVE it! I think Gioco should be the bag I quest for once my ban is over :p
  12. I LOVE the devil with an ice cream and the one with the popsicle you have on it! Nice style bag, no wonder it's popular.:dothewave:
  13. congrats! i :heart::heart: the tree scene! and cute collection!
  14. Love your Gioco!! I saw a lady wearing an inferno bambinone today at H&M, and it was so cute!! It was my first time seeing the inferno print IRL and I definitely fell in love with it!! The grey strap looked so nice with the print. I only have 3 tokis now (pirata bambinone, original stellina and spiaggia dolce) and I love them all dearly. My plan was to wait for Vacanze to come out and be done with toki but now I'm not so sure! Might have to get inferno soon haha :p
  15. Thanks, everyone!

    Of course I couldn't avoid a weenie roaster, but he's not smack in the center so he's cool. :p I noticed that the marshmallow toaster is just a smaller version of him!

    I'll be staring at this one for a while. :smile: