It feels so good to be home

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  1. This the first time I have been back here since just after my mom's death. I have probably been to my coach store twice and the outlets once in a year. I haven't made a pce bag purchase since September of last year but I just made one on Sunday! It will arrive this week and I will do a reveal then. I just want to say I've missed this place and I am happy to be back!
  2. Welcome back! :wave:
  3. Welcome back :smile:
  4. Welcome back!
  5. Welcome back!!!! We missed you.
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Welcome back!! Can't wait to see what you got.
  8. Welcome back. looking forward to seeing your reveal.
  9. Thanks guys! I have so much to learn and catch up on the new bag names. I used to be able to rattle of the names of every bag in the I have to look at the tag. :P But with you all I'll be back up to speed in no time.

    A break from Coach was definately necessary. It was just to painful to even look at new bags without mom there to share it with. But I did get my best friend into Coach and now she has (3 bags) and wants to buy a new one this winter. :graucho: And when you haven't ordered a new bag in a year it is so much more exciting than when you buy a new one every few weeks. :yahoo:
  10. Welcome back!
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Nice to meet you. I am sorry for your loss.
  13. Glad to see you back! Can't wait to see your new bag.

    Hope you are doing well in your healing process. Hugs.
  14. Welcome back!
  15. I am so sorry about your mom. I remember the story you told about taking your mom to the Coach store and how they made her feel like a queen, that it must be bittersweet for you. We are happy to have you back though