It feels like forever when you

  1. order a bag. I just ordered it sunday and the sa said it should be here tomorrow but im sooo antsy! I want my bag now!! lol This is my second bag I cant believe it!!:yahoo:
  2. I feel the same way...what bag did you get??
  3. LOL. I feel the same way. My first experience purchasing LV I bought from the LV boutique and it was very satisfying to take her home right away. I just ordered the Mono Wapity from eLux and I feel beside myself waiting. Next time I purchase I'll go to the boutique again and eat the tax!
  4. I got the mono speedy 25! I was debating over the 25 or 30 and decided on the 25 cuz i dont need a big bag!!
  5. Waiting is the worst!
    This is silly, but when I got my package from elux, I almost didn't want to open it! I just wanted to savor every little minute of it.
    Then, it was mayhem! I couldn't get that sucker opened fast enough!:yahoo:
  6. It does seem to take Forever.....I too am waiting my new purchase...we shall wait together....okay.....waiting.....waiting.... done waiting Ha!:nuts: Give it to me! Congrats to you!~ Ghost
  7. Your Speedy will be here before you know, I know the waiting part sucks - but it's worth it when the package from ELUX arrives on your doorstep!!!
  8. heh heh lol! I paid for next day shipping! what sucks is I'll probably get it when im at work and I know my husband will hide it from me and tell me I didnt get it yet lol.
  9. COngrats in advance!! speedy is a great piece!!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. speedy is a great bag! not my style, but everyone here seems to love them!
  12. I always wanted one and I can't believe Im actually getting one. I wanted a speedy and a papillon. I already have my papillon so Im getting my speedy now!
  13. I know what the waiting is like. Sucks! A few weeks ago my DH said we would go on that Friday...well that was the LONGEST week EVER! As soon as the babysitter showed up I was like "LETS GO!!" The drive into Boston seemed SO long and then we went for drinks first!! All I could think of was racing into the LV store!!! Post pics tomorrow or at least let us know when you get it! I am so excited for you!!!!
  14. so am I! eeeeeeeeeeee! I can't wait till I get it!!
  15. At least you can order! There is no LV where I'm from... Normally it's ok because I go to France all the time (I only by LVs from there) but I have so much work and school work for the time being that I'm going to have to wait at least a few months. Talk about a long wait!!