It feels like Christmas today... (First reveal)

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  1. A box came today from my sister in Cali... It contained a combination of things I bought and things that she gave me. I didn't realize how much stuff she gave me until I opened the box. :shocked:

    I figured I'd share the reveal with you ladies since I've been apart of watching many many reveals. (Ignore the unmade bed. :sweatdrop:)

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  2. ... Actually things were put nicely into a Gucci gift bag and a Burberry box.. ^__^ I omitted those in my pictures..



    ..... The strap belongs to this pretty little number..

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  3. So many little bags... I didn't know which one to open first.

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  4. oohh la la open up! looks like a great hual!:woohoo:
  5. cool! i made it for a live them off!
  6. Yeah, finally a reveal tonight!
  7. A surprise gift I wasn't expecting.. My first square scarf.. and a pretty one too.

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  8. f5 f5 f5
  9. BTW, your puppy is so adorable! (assuming that your avitar pic is your pup)
  10. gorgeous scarf! What's next!! :smile:
  11. The three pony tail scarves that I bought... (actually my sister bought at her outlets since I don't have one close by)...

    A week before she bought the butterfly ponytail scarf I saw it at the regular boutique for $35 bucks... Snagged these for roughly 10-12.50 a piece plus 20% off.

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  12. Very pretty. I love the butterfly one most.
  13. in love with the butterfly one!
  14. I'm here too. I made it!
  15. ... And another surprise gift..... It was part of a matching set that my sister didn't want to break up.

    ...... so I get to love it just as much as the swing bag.. :biggrin:

    (The pup is Miss Fortune aka Missy... I have a picture of her littermate that I should upload one day. They are coach fans too)

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