It didn't take long...

  1. Lol, that is crazy!!! You know, they will sell at a high price...
  2. I could be tempted if they were my size!
  3. No amount of money would make me part with those. :nogood:
  4. Only 500? Someone snatch em up real quick! :p I already have yoyos though. :s
  5. I wouldn't buy them. If I had a pair of signed shoes, I'd want to keep it more because of the memory of meeting a real shoe god.
  6. I'm not sure that I would buy any signed shoes from eBay, isn't the whole point of having the signature is because you were actually there and experienced meeting him, etc.
  7. ^^ITA:yes:
  8. I had a pair signed for me since I couldn't make it, but I'm not listing on eBay or anything.

    However, I personally don't see the big deal of listing a pair or two. But, I would NOT pay anymore for signed shoes than retail and tax. But, other people would. I just don't care that much I guess. LOL

    Clearly there are people that shop on Ebay that will though. I mean look at the completed items alone of CLs where people do BINs $200-300 over retail sometimes. Just yesterday I saw black rolandos sell for $950. Funny thing is the seller offered them to me for $850 or something like that and I took a pass b/c retail was $610 and I was only willing to pay $700 max including shipping. But, I wasn't mad or anything. They were her shoes and she has the right to charge whatever the heck she wants. Afterall, she did happen to have an item that is completely sold out.

    Ebay is unpredictable. Point is all you need is one buyer. And, some of these ladies may get lucky and sell nude sequin VPs for $1500. :smile:
  9. I completely agree Kamilla. I would have an SA get one signed for me, but I would definitely not pay extra on ebay for a signed pair. Also, how do you know that someone didn't forge the signature and use paint pens like CL did?!?!

    I think that the special experience of seeing him in person laughing, signing the shoes, and talking to women about his beautiful creations is worth so much more than just his signature on a shoe.

    Hopefully, one day I will make it to one of his signings to thank him in person for his artistic talents.
  10. Very good point. That would add value that no one could put a price on :tup:
  11. The thing is that there are some people who would love to go but can't so for them it's a way of getting a signed pair
  12. does anyone know if he's planning a signature session in the West coast? preferably San francisco? thanks