It Captured My Heart When I Saw page 73

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  1. wow congrats ssc!! love ur choices!! the lilac is a must-get and that elephant is oh so versatile! enjoy!
  2. Absolutely beautiful - and I know well that sensation of a bag capturing your heart from the first time you set eyes on it and just not letting go (can we say Leopard Print Montaigne...)!

    Thanks for the comparison shot between Elephant and Lilac - very helpful. I am also hoping someone will get something in Elephant who also has something in Old Petra and will be able to take a comparison picture between those two - since every description I read of Elephant sounds exactly the same as I would describe Old Petra, and I remain very intrigued to see how the two look beside each other. I do recall that someone here did say that they saw Elephant and didn't see the purple side of it as in Old Petra - but the descriptions here and the pictures I keep hearing about those purple tones.

    And hmmm - IF Elephant is at all similar to Old Petra then the comparison here between Elephant and Lilac does suggest that Elephant and Lilac are VERY different, and therefore my reluctance to consider a Lilac Montaigne because I am afraid it is too similar to Old Petra may well be misguided...
  3. Congratulations on the roma! I :heart: elephant.
  4. Wow! They are beautiful : )
    I love both styles and colors.
  5. Beautiful - all the bags on page 73 captured my heart :love: