It Captured My Heart When I Saw page 73

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  1. Really lovely--both the Roma and the Campana! Excellent choices. Enjoy!
  2. Love both bags S, But you got me, thought the mystery bag was going to be a Roma--but then HMMM, you mentioned on sale, so wasn't sure.

    Beautiful color and you'll love the Roma. (We have similar tastes in BV).

    But now you have peaked my curiosity about the "mystery bag". I'm sure it's another beauty! Congrats on your new Roma.
  3. love that elephant roma...really pretty!
  4. Beautiful ssc! Congrats!
  5. Your elephant Roma is gorgeous! It reminds me of Limo with a touch more beige.... really yummy and so versatile. You made 2 lovely choices. My heart stopped on page 73 too! :faint:
  6. :faint::faint::faint:

  7. Congratulations on your two beauties! Enjoy them....:smile:
  8. Both are really really nice pieces. Congrats and wear them in good health.
  9. Oh wow! It looks so elegant! Congrats! :biggrin:
  10. Wow! Love them both, excellent taste and congrets!!
  11. congrats! nice one indeed
    like how it transforms in different lighting.
  12. Wow

    It's a great bag with great colour.
  13. love that color ;o)) congratulations
  14. That's beautiful! Congratulations!
  15. I think the Roma is such a classy and classic bag and it's very pretty in the Elephant color. I know what you mean about the variations in the Elephant color being hard to see in photos. I had an Elephant bag here to try (the parachute bag) and in some light it looked much more purple and the strips appeared to be slightly different colors, and in other light it looked much more greyish and more uniform in color! I like that it changes with the light.

    Congratulations on a great new bag!