It came...

  1. but it has a few stains on it. I asked her if it had any, she lied and said no. I better get my money back.
  2. Boo! I'm so sorry FB! I hope you get your money back!
  3. why cant those sellers just be honest!:cursing: im so sorry! hope you get it worked out
  4. I feel for you....I'm about to the point that paying retail is the only safe way to go.
  5. yeah that's how i felt, but i thought i got lucky. plus i really hate gold hardware. and I think I have an equal chance of finding a brand new white or ivory colored venetia w/ silver hw as I do getting struck by lightening. It's such a pretty bag otherwise. think the stains can be cleaned ??
  6. I'm sure if I had gotten this bag brand new in the store, I'd have gotten a couple stains on it also. It is a white bag But they'd be MY stains... ya know? I don't want anyone else's stains on my bag... yuck.
  7. That's terrible!! Don't worry I'm sure we can find you another white Venetia with silver hardware. Just out of curiosity, where are the stains located? Are they on the inside or outside of the bag?
  8. outside, on the bag. 2 pink stains. she's saying now that the bag was in perfect condition when she sent it to me. she won't let me return it. what can I do?
  9. I would contact Paypal to start the process of getting your money back.
  10. That is so wrong....liar!! I really get sick of unscrupulous sellers.
  11. how do I go about doing this? She never specified final sale AND when I asked her if there were any stains she lied and said no. Therefore I have a right to get my money back. I'm a law student, I know my rights lol. looking at the picture of the back of the bag, you can almost see it. you wouldn't notice it unless you already knew it was there, but its 10x worse IRL
  12. You will have to go to Paypal and file a dispute and hopefully she will go ahead and refund your money before you have to escalate it to a claim and Paypal has to decide. Hopefully, it won't go to a claim because it takes forever.....I'm in the middle of one right now.
  13. I don't understand why sellers aren't upfront about this stuff. I've sold MJ bags and always make a big point of mentioning stains or imperfections. I always sell them....some people just don't care!

  14. You're so right FB. The thought of not knowing what those stains are and where they came from is so gross. Sorry this had to happen to you. Good luck with trying to get your $$ back! Keep us posted.
  15. Made a dispute, she said no refunds. escalated it to a claim.