It came! Reveal

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  1. Who is up for a reveal? I’ve been waiting for a while for this colour to become available.

    Any guesses?

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  2. :wave:
  3. Hi
  4. Me here too. I'm on ban island so I'm getting my kicks from seeing everybody else's reveals.:smile:
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  5. Any guesses?

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  6. Alma?
  7. Neo Noe?
    Open! Let me see :happydance:
  8. Locky BB?
  9. Speedy Empriente?
  10. I’m too excited to make you guys wait lol! I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this colour to come in

    It the City Steamer in Galet

    As an aside does anyone know where the date code is in the steamers? I looked and can’t seem to find it. Just curious on how long it takes bags to get to the store form when they were made.

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  11. O. M. G. SO BEAUTIFUL!
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  12. Lovely!
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  13. Wow!! So nice in galet. Actually I've never seen a steamer that is all in one colour they've all been bi-coloured. So this makes a refreshing change and I like the silver hardware. Congrats :smile:
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  14. Beautiful!!
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  15. Omg! So stunning!!
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