It came!!! My first MJ bag!!

  1. I was sooooo excited to get home today. My MP was waiting for me. :yahoo: Definately not letting this one go. It looks so wonderful and thank god there were no problems with it. Sorry about the photos. Had a hard time taking pictures.

    I have 2 questions though.

    1) Besides Purse Brite does anyone recommend a purse organizer because I will definately need one with this.

    2) Any advice on products to clean the hardware and the leather (there was some kind of blackish brown stuff on the zipper and I want to clean it off).
    MJFerrariMP1.jpg MJFerrariMP2.jpg MJFerrariMP3.jpg MJFerrariMP4.jpg MJFerrariMP5.jpg
  2. It's a very pretty color! Congratulations!
  3. congrats! & enjoy!!
  4. That color is fierce!!! :nuts: Congrats on getting such a HOT looking bag!

    Sorry that I don't have any suggestions for your two questions. I'm sure someone else on the forum can help you though. Enjoy your new bag!
  5. OMG!! Soooooooo jealous!! That bag is hot!! I LOVE the color and the large MP is on my list for this year!! LUCKY GIRL!!!!! It looks great on you too!!! Enjoy it!!!! Where did you get it again? :heart: Emmy
  6. The bag looks AWESOME! :biggrin: Congrats!
  7. hot color!
  8. time to take her out for a spin :party:
  9. Gorgeous bag!

    As for organizers, I have a "Joey Jr." and like it a lot. I use it for my MJ New Tote and my Venetia.
  10. What a gorgeous bag you have!! Love the color and style--Congrats and wear her in good health!
  11. Wow! What a hot bag! lucky you!
  12. That is def a HOT bag... love that red. Sorry I can't help on the organizer question, but maybe baby wipes(alcohol free) and a soft toothbrush will get rid of that stuff on your zipper?
  13. Woo hoo it came! I'm glad you love it! It's a beautiful bag! :love: Congrats!
  14. Thanks everyone. Really glad I decided to call the store and buy this. The only flaw that I just noticed was a small rip along the side seam of the dust bag. I'll have to see if I can find another one or I can just get a box and store it all together like that (Can you tell I am really anal with this? lol). I can't wait to show it off this weekend.

    Um I believe it was the Neiman Marcus Last Call San Diego.
  15. Beautiful bag! Thanks for the pics!