It Came! It Came! My Miu Miu NAP Sale Happiness!

  1. This morning as I was leaving for the office, I saw the DHL truck parked across the street and I stopped. It had to be it. The day they delivered my Miu Miu tote purchased on sale at the NAP site.

    I set my Kooba Natasha down, methinks she could tell she was about to be forsaken for another. Yes, I can be as fickle about my handbags as I am about my lovers. But that is another posting.....

    I see the DHL man approach. I am just standing there, knowing that she is in there. He approaches and holds out a cardboard box, I see my name on the box, yes yes yes yes yes!!!

    I open it up. I love the elegant NAP packaging. And inside is this beautiful white leather tote. The leather is thicker and stiffer than I had imagined from the picture, which is a delight (was worried it would be too floppy). The hardware has a matte finish, but it is SOLID and does have some serious bling, but it is not over-bling-kill.

    I am just loving the feel of this baby and can hardly wait to wear her tomorrow :smile:

    -arm candy
  2. gorgeous bag!
  3. Very pretty and perfect for spring/summer.
  4. Oh yes what a lovely summer bag, congrats!
  5. It's a beauty....I have been admiring this bag. If possible, would love to see you posts pics with the "babe in your arms" - so to speak. Enjoy:yahoo:
  6. Congratulations! Stunning bag!
  7. Been eyeing this bag as well for some time. Would love to see modeling pics of how it "hangs" without the packaging.

    It's a beauty. Congrats.
  8. Very pretty! :smile:
  9. Love it! Congrats!
  10. congrats!!
  11. congrats she is very pretty