IT CAME IN! *dances*

  1. I was so excited to see that box sitting on my doorstep! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Only two days to deliver..for FREE. heheh.

    On to the goods!

    -I got the tank top in the Limon color, which is GORGEOUS in person, much better than pictured. I love the shirt more than online!


    -I also got a Moofia blindbox...i was *hoping* for either the regular latte man (my faveee!) or the asian looking one. :yes:
    Guess which one i got?
    LATTE MAN!!!



    Yay! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your purchases!!! How much $$ was the tank and where'd u get it from? :confused1: I :love: :love: :love: the minoins ... you've gotta get leche...he's the BEST!! :graucho:
  3. They are so cute.
  4. Aw, the tank is really nice....
  5. Thanks! I think it was $38 from hehe...i might just have to get some more blindboxes..:graucho:

    Frog&Glam--Thanks! :love:
  6. They're pretty fun! I got one today that ended up being latte too ! (The one I wanted!)
  7. Ohh those are soo kawaii!
  8. nice stuff ;)
  9. That Latte is tooo cute! Congrats on getting your stuff!!
  10. congrats! love your tank top n latte!
  11. where did you get that blindbox latte? Im thinking of getting one for the dashboard of my car! Hearing you guys rave about it is starting to really grow on me (Lattes)
  12. you SHOULD!! It is ADORABLE!:love::love: I got mine from reccomend that because you get free shipping! heheh.

    Thanks all for the nice compliments!! :smile: :heart:\

    EDIT: Though, i want to add that, mine doesn't stand up very well, but another version might. maybe you can hang him from the mirror? ahah but not by his neck! LOL.
  13. Mine doesn't stand up too well either...they kinda wobble!! :graucho:
  14. Hahah, thats soo cute! Okay, I can hang it on my rearview mirror or on one of my bags! That would be soo cute! Thanks soo much!
  15. he doesnt have a neck LOL! the latte is soo cute :drool: