It came; I saw; I returned.

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  1. I ordered the large Paddington Hobo in the new Whiskey color. I really thought that this was the bag since I like to carry shoulder bags and love hobos. I wanted so badly to like it since it was my biggest purchase to date.:sad2:
    Omagosh it was huge, clunky, and heavy. I really think that it could be used as an overnight bag. It just didn't hang right no matter what I tried with it. It's taller than the regular Paddy but the lock's weight causes the center to sag- not like the nice drape that you want a hobo to have. I am really grateful that I could send it back and wasn't stuck with it. Maybe in a smaller size or the regular satchel style would have been better and I should have just put myself on the waiting list. Part of me is glad that that I got to see and feel it in person though, it's really hard to shop sight un-seen and at least now I can cross one off the list.:lol:
  2. yup, i saw those at the bloomies i go to last week, totally horrendous, humongous, hideous, and horrible. UGH. terrible tragedy.
  3. Oh that's disappointing! I hate it when you have all of these expectations for a bag and it falls extremely short.
  4. Thanks for the information, and sorry it didn't work out. Any idea what you might get to replace it?
  5. Yup, I sold my Paddington hobo...
  6. No, I've got a Mulberry coming this week so hopefully that will be a nice "fix" while I re-group and re-plan.
  7. It's sounds horrible but I am glad you didn't get stuck with it!
  8. I hate when that happens! I wanted one too but didnt want to buy one without experiencing them in person. I did take a chance on the regular paddington satchel though, which would have been great save for the scratched/dented lock and missing leather.
  9. My hubby bless his heart bought the Hobo for me and I returned it too! Satchel pretty, Hobo not so pretty
  10. terrible. What are you going to get to replace it?

    Oh, and BTW, I just love your kitty? You should post a bigger photo. That is just the cutest, fluffiest cat I've ever seen! =)
  11. Sorry to hear about the dis appointment ............Hope you can find something to better replace it
  12. Thankfully there are many bags out there. Sorry this one didn't work out. Have a good time hunting down a replacement!
  13. I'm sorry the bag did not work out. Happy hunting your next treasure!
  14. Yeah, cute persian. I have one too. :smile: Aren't they great? One thing I love more than purses, CATS! :smile:
  15. That phenom works the other way too - I walked into Nordstrom's today and fell madly in love with a bag I never knew could look so good - wouldn't have given it a second glance if I only knew it from an online view. Sometimes "ya just gotta be there". Glad it will all work out for you.